Division of Literature & Languages

Division Requirements

One unit in the Division of the Arts.

Two units in a single literature outside of the major. Majors in departments other than English may satisfy the requirement with two courses in English literature at the 200-level or higher; two 300-level courses in a second non-English literature, read in the original language; or two units of a single 300-level literature, read in translation. Classics majors may satisfy the division requirement with two units of 300-level literature in their second classical language. 300-level literature courses taken in a foreign language before the student has completed two years of the language or has demonstrated equivalent competence may not be used to fulfill this requirement. 200-level comparative literature courses may not be used to fulfill this requirement.


The senior thesis may take the form of a detailed critical or historical essay on a topic drawn from any of the major fields of study embraced by the division, or it may take the form of a creative work. All thesis proposals must be approved by the division; approval of a creative thesis proposal is given only if the candidate shows a developed sense of his or her craft and submits a writing sample that shows promise of creative talent.

Divisional Recommendations

Humanities 210, 220, or 230.

Transfer students should take a foreign language placement test at the time of their first registration.

Students who wish to take a course in literary theory may wish to consider Literature 400 or Literature 401. Other courses with a strong emphasis on literary theory include English 333, English 356, English 393, German/Literature 391, German/Literature 392, and Russian/Literature 413.