Division of Literature & Languages

Division Requirements

One unit in the Division of the Arts.

Two units in literature outside of the major. Majors in departments other than English may satisfy the requirement with two courses in English literature at the 200-level or higher; two 300-level courses in a second non-English literature, read in the original language; or two units of a single 300-level literature, read in translation. Classics majors may satisfy the division requirement with two units of 300-level literature in their second classical language. 300-level literature courses taken in a foreign language before the student has completed two years of the language or has demonstrated equivalent competence may not be used to fulfill this requirement.


The senior thesis may take the form of a detailed critical or historical essay on a topic drawn from any of the major fields of study embraced by the division, or it may take the form of a creative work. All thesis proposals must be approved by the division; approval of a creative thesis proposal is given only if the candidate shows a developed sense of his or her craft and submits a writing sample that shows promise of creative talent.

Divisional Recommendations

Humanities 210, 220, or 230.

Transfer students should take a foreign language placement test at the time of their first registration.

Students who wish to take a course in literary theory may wish to consider Literature 400 or Literature 401. Other courses with a strong emphasis on literary theory include English 333, English 356, English 393, German/Literature 391, German/Literature 392, and Russian/Literature 413.