Community Wellness

Division of Student Life

Community Wellness is a team of students, staff, and faculty from across campus focused on providing support for students' holistic wellbeing.

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Check out our Dental & Vision Care Health Zine here!

Trouble focusing? Try these apps!

  1. Habitica: create your own avatar and earn experience/gold by completing tasks
  2. Forest: grow your own virtual forest instead of browsing through social media
  3. Pomodoro: use Pomodoro to keep track of your study time and break time
  4. Kardia: inhale when the sphere expands and exhale when it contracts
  5. Headspace: take a moment to practice mindfulness and reground yourself

The Tea + Pie with faculty and staff, hosted by the Multicultural Peer Health Advocates.

  • Tea + Pie events feature a short talk by a selected faculty or staff member(s) and are followed with a Q&A.
  • Oh, and of course there is pie!

Community Wellness Partners

Health and Counseling Center

Office for Inclusive Community

Multicultural Resource Center

Athletics, Fitness, and Outdoor Programs

Sexual Assault Prevention and Response Program