Chemistry Department

Learning Outcomes

Upon completion of the chemistry major a student will be able to:

  • analyze, critique, and evaluate existing scholarship.
  • choose and define a research topic from the major field, and independently investigate that topic with the support of an advisor.
  • carefully design and execute experimental or theoretical approaches appropriate to the research topic, while adhering to relevant laboratory safety protocols.
  • accurately collect experimental data or assemble data sets from appropriate sources, and rigorously evaluate the data using appropriate analytical or theoretical techniques.
  • integrate experimental results with existing knowledge to produce original work in a well-written, referenced and thorough document.
  • present, discuss and defend research orally, couching results in the context of accepted chemical models and existing research literature.

The primary assessment tool for learning in the major at Reed and the level of student achievement in these areas, is the senior thesis; the junior qualifying examination serves as the secondary assessment tool. See more information on the thesis and on the junior qualifying exam.