Chemistry Department


NMR 400 MHz Bruker Avance I equipped with an auto tune and match (ATM) broadband probe and an autosampler
LC-MS-MS Shimadzu 8030 triple quadrupole with autosampler
GC-MS-MS Varian Saturn 2000 ion trap
GC-FID Perkin Elmer AutosystemXL with autosampler
IR Thermo Nicholet 670 with Vis, NIR, and FIR capabilities
Two Thermo iS5s with Attenuated Total Reflectance accessories
XRD Scintag XDS-2000 powder diffractometer
UV-Vis 12 Agilent/HP DAD 8453 spectrophotometers
3 Cary Biospec 50s
Cary 1E with diffuse reflectance accessory
Thermo Nanodrop
TGA Perkin Elmer TGA7
AA GBC 932plus with sipper
GBC 908 with graphite furnace
Stop Flow Applied Photophysics SX-20 with PDA and fluoresence detection
Fluorometer PTI Quantamaster
Fluorescense Anisotropy PanVera Beacon
Plate Reader Perkin Elmer Victor3 with absorbance and fluorescence capabilities
ITC MicroCal isothermal titration microcalorimeter
Laser Lab Nitrogen-pumped dye laser, pulsed Nd:YAG tag laser
Gamma Ray Spectroscopy EG&G 92x system with HpGe detector
Nuclear Reactor Triga Mark I (for neutron activation analysis)