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Shivani Ahuja

Associate Professor of Chemistry
Email | Office: 414 | 503-517-5420

Structural biochemistry, application of biophysical and biochemical techniques to study metal acquisition, virulence and inhibition of bacterial Mn(II) transporters.

Miriam Bowring

Associate Professor of Chemistry
Email | Website | Office: 309 | 503-517-5294

Synthetic and physical organometallic chemistry, catalysis, and mechanisms.

Kelly N. Chacón

Associate Professor of Chemistry
Email | Office: 421 | 503-777-7218

Metallobiochemistry, x-ray absorption fine structure (EXAFS), electronic absorption, and fluorescence spectroscopy of metal sites in proteins.
On sabbatical 2021-22

Daniel P. Gerrity

Professor of Chemistry
Email | Office: 316 | 503-777-7212

Physical chemistry - experimental physical chemistry, application of laser spectroscopy to the study of chemical dynamics and molecular electronic structure
Chemistry Department Chair 2022-24

Mackenzie Grieman

Visiting Assistant Professor of Chemistry and Environmental Studies
Email | Office: 314 | 503-777-7264

Ice core science, paleoclimatology, earth system interactions, application of analytical techniques to detect chemical impurities in ice cores to reconstruct past climate. 

Nicole James

Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Email | Office: 313 A | 503-777-7228

Chemistry education research, using quantitative and qualitative methods to explore how students learn chemistry and apply it in interdisciplinary contexts.

Rebecca LaLonde

Associate Professor of Chemistry
Email | Office: 420 | 503-517-7494

Organic chemistry - organic synthesis, organometallic chemistry, green chemistry

Phan Truong

Visiting Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Email | Office: 412 | 503-517-5444

Mechanistic organometallic chemistry, bioinorganic chemistry

Emeritus Faculty

Arthur Glasfeld

Email | 503-517-7679

Biochemistry - structural biochemistry and enzymatic catalysis

Patrick G. McDougal

Email | Office: 109A | 503-777-7206

Organic chemistry - organic synthesis, bioorganic chemistry

Alan J. Shusterman

Email | Website | Office: Kelly House | 503-517-7699

Organic chemistry - molecular modeling & computational chemistry, green chemistry & green oxidation catalysts 


Danielle Cass

Department Associate
Email | Office: 308B | 503-517-4618

Randy Hicks

Laboratory and Department Manager
Email | Office: 212A | 503-777-7213

Kayla Johnston

Faculty Administrative Coordinator
Email | Office: 303 | 503-777-7229

Alicia McGhee

Department Associate
Email | Office: 208 | 503-517-7364

Morgan Olsen

Instrumentation Chemist
Email | Office: 209A | 503-517-7893

Irving Rettig

Postdoctoral Researcher
Email | Office: 311 | 503-788-6654

Katie Rush

Visiting Scholar

April Sams

Director of Environmental Health and Safety
Email | Office: Physical Plant | 503-777-7788