Chemistry Department

Faculty and Staff

Chemistry department faculty and staff pose for a group photo outside the Chemsitry building


Shivani Ahuja

Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Email | Office: 414 | 503-517-5420

Structural biochemistry, application of biophysical and biochemical techniques to study metal acquisition, virulence and inhibition of bacterial Mn(II) transporters.
On Sabbatical Fall 2023-Spring 2024

Miriam Bowring

Margret Geselbracht Associate Professor of Chemistry
Email | Website | Office: 309 | 503-517-5294

Synthetic and physical organometallic chemistry, catalysis, and mechanisms.
Chemistry Department Chair 2023-25

Gonzalo Campillo-Alvarado

Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Email | Website | Office: 408 | (503) 517-7469

Organic and materials chemistry; designing functionality into crystalline solids (e.g., electronics, pharmaceutics, separation, photoactive materials) through noncovalent interactions, crystal engineering and X-ray crystallography.

Danielle Cass

Visiting Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Email | Office: 410 | 503-517-4618

Analytical biochemistry and metal analysis of environmental samples.

Kelly N. Chacón

Arthur F. Scott Associate Professor of Chemistry
Email | Office: 421 | 503-777-7218

Metallobiochemistry, x-ray absorption fine structure (EXAFS), electronic absorption, and fluorescence spectroscopy of metal sites in proteins.

Thomas Dannenhoffer-Lafage

Visiting Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Email | Office: 412 | 503 517-4772

Biophysics of intrinsically disordered proteins using molecular dynamics simulations.

Safaa El-Mansy

Visiting Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Email | Office: 210 | 503-517-4801

Chemistry education research, exploring innovations in course and pedagogical design.

Daniel P. Gerrity

Professor of Chemistry
Email | Office: 316 | 503-777-7212

Physical chemistry - experimental physical chemistry, application of laser spectroscopy to the study of chemical dynamics and molecular electronic structures.
On Leave Spring 2024

Lynne Gratz

Associate Professor of Chemistry and Environmental Studies
Email | Office: 314 | 503-517-4741

Atmospheric environmental science, mercury and other trace element pollutant sources and transport pathways.

Nicole James

Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Email | Website | Office: 313 | 503-777-7228

Chemistry education research. Chemistry knowledge activation in interdisciplinary contexts.

Jesus Daniel Loya

Scholar in Residence
Email | Office: 103 | 503-517-7494

Design of organic materials, pharmaceutical co-crystals, and polymorphism control.

Alicia Frost McGhee

Visiting Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Email | Office: 318 | 503-517-7364 

Organic chemistry, chemical education and methodology.

Bobby O'Brien

Visiting Assistant Professor of Chemistry
Email | Office: 420 | 503-517-4787

Natural product synthesis.

Emeritus Faculty

Arthur Glasfeld


Biochemistry - structural biochemistry and enzymatic catalysis.

Patrick G. McDougal


Organic chemistry - organic synthesis, bioorganic chemistry.

Alan J. Shusterman

Email | Website | Office: Kelly House | 503-517-7699

Organic chemistry - molecular modeling & computational chemistry, green chemistry & green oxidation catalysts. 


Eleanor Derry

Research Assistant, Chemistry

Summer Hawthorne

Instrumentation Chemist
Email | Office: 209A | 503-517 7916

Randy Hicks

Laboratory and Department Manager
Email | Office: 212A | 503-777-7213

Kayla Johnston

Faculty Administrative Coordinator
Email | Office: 303 | 503-777-7229 

Nicholas Lutz

Research Assistant, Chemistry

Jane Ni

Department Associate
Email | Office: 208 |  503-777-7264

Patrick Poletti

Department Associate
Email | Office: 308B | 503-517-4965

April Sams

Director of Environmental Health and Safety
Email | Office: Physical Plant | 503-777-7788

Elizabeth Vaughan

Postdoctoral Researcher
Email | Office: 313A | 503-517-5444