Student Groups

Reedies gather into over 90 different student groups, based on academic, social, political, and religious interests, as well as getting outdoors and supporting the greater community. Here's a selection of some of our favorites.


Pre-Health Club

The Pre-Health Club is a coalition of Reed students who are interested in entering the medical field. The club hosts a variety of different events, including networking and panel events, workshops about the MCAT and applying to medical school and graduate programs, as well as team building events, such as writing thank-you cards to healthcare workers. Reedies who are considering Health and Medicine careers are welcome to join, and we aim to help them find the best internship and career opportunities, volunteer experiences, and shadowing events.

Reed Model United Nations

Here at Reed MUN, we plan a number of bureaucratic simulations, each crazier than the last. In whimsical classics from the past like the Great Emu War of 1932 and the Pastry War of 1938, Reed MUN delegates faithfully play the roles of everyone from farmers to bakers to admirals to Kings of France. Come dissociate with us as we step into the shoes of yesteryear, and use the benefit of hindsight to revise history.

Activism & Community Engagement


Greenboard is an environmental sustainability club that strives to promote access to a healthy earth for everyone, today and in the future. Students are encouraged to tackle their own sustainability projects and use the club as a resource to support them in accomplishing their goals.

Students for Education, Equity, and Direct Service (SEEDS)

Committed to enhancing Reed's academic mission, SEEDS provides Reed students with access to volunteer opportunities, fellowships and Federal Work-Study, and trainings and workshops. Through their work with SEEDS, students reflect on their position in the world; strengthen their commitments to social justice; build authentic, reciprocal relationships with community partners; gain skills; support positive, sustainable social change in and around Portland.

Students for Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP)

We are Reed's chapter of Students for Sensible Drug Policy (SSDP), an international group dedicated to ending the War on Drugs. At Reed, we mainly focus on providing harm reduction materials on campus, such as testing kits, fact-based information, and naloxone training. This year we are hoping to raise money to bail out people of color arrested on drug charges in Multnomah and Clackamas counties, bring in speakers to talk about their experiences of the drug war, and more! 

Art, Dance, & Music


We're the Herodotones, Reed's only acapella group on campus. We're just a group of people who like to sing together and mess around arranging our favorite songs into something we can perform in four part harmony. This group is a lot of fun, and we want to hear people from all levels of experience; the only thing you need is to love singing.


KRRC is Reed's student run radio station, established in 1954. We broadcast music and talk radio at for anyone with an internet connection to enjoy. Programming is always freeform, always eclectic, and always run by members of the Reed College community.

Weapons of Mass Distraction (WMD)

Reed's fire performing arts group! We put on various shows for everyone on campus throughout the year.

K-pop Dance Club

Welcome to K-pop Dance Club! We learn K-pop dances, work on original choreographies, host dance workshops, and do performances. Besides K-pop covers, we will also provide stretching/conditioning classes for dancers of all skill levels. If you are a K-pop stan or want to try out dance classes in a welcoming environment, come join us.

Fitness & Outdoor

Dive Deep

Have you ever wanted to get a scuba certification, go diving, and have Reed pay for it? This is the club for you! In addition to scuba diving, we will also sponsor career panels and educational talks with people in the marine sciences. Finally, we’re looking to set up some small-scale ocean-related fun and games.

Mountaineering Club

Interested in rock climbing and mountaineering? Whether you are a seasoned pro or are just getting started, the Mountaineering Club has something for you! Although we won't be able to do much this semester in terms of off campus trips, we'll do our best to bring you rope clinics, training information, gym trips, and more! Support Mountaineering Club for trips to local climbing destinations next semester, and to foster a more supporting climbing community at Reed.

Reed Outing Club (ROC)

The Reed Outing Club (ROC) exists to help Reedies get outside and enjoy all the outdoor opportunities the Northwest has to offer! Typically, we would go on day trips on weekends and longer trips over breaks to beautiful locations throughout Oregon and Washington. This semester, we’re planning a variety of in-person and virtual events to help you build your outdoor skills (or keep them sharp) and have a good, safe time, and continue to build Reed’s outdoor community. ROC events are always free, and all Reed students are welcome! Regardless of your level of prior outdoors experience, we hope you’ll join us for events this fall, and we can’t wait to go on more outdoor adventures with you in the future! 

Mycology Club

We dive into the canyon and check out what’s happening! Keep an eye on the fungal community, enjoy the greenery, and share meals made with the mushrooms we find. Join us on our monthly full moon walks.

Identity & Affinity Based

Chabad at Reed

Chabad at Reed is Reed College's only center for Jewish life and learning. The Bialo family welcomes you into their synagogue and home every Friday night for Shabbat services and dinner, and their doors are open for all Jewish holidays and festivals. All Reed College students, regardless of religious affiliation, are welcome to attend any of our events. Other weekly programs hosted by Chabad at Reed include Loaves of Love, in which students bake bread to hand out to members of the Reed community, and Sinai Scholars, a unique course in contemporary Jewish life and thought.

Low SES/First Generation Student Group

The Low SES / First Gen Group has traditionally (since it was founded in 2012) been a student-run organization that seeks to advocate for poor student's needs, visibility, and to create community. Beyond providing direct assistance for students, we create and maintain a strong network that is supportive and informational. Through in-person and online communication, we share experiences, advice, shared hardships, and other information that we feel is difficult to share with people who do not experience being financially independent, low-SES, or first generation to college at Reed.

Period Kollectiv

Period Kollective is a resource for Reedies who menstruate. We are dedicated to decreasing the stigma and increasing the accessibility of pads and tampons in campus bathrooms, but we can only do that with your help! Support Period Kollective this year to get free pads and tampons, as well as other goodies like menstrual cups, reusable pads, over-the-counter pain medicine, and lots more!


STEMGeMs is Reed’s student group for gender minorities in STEM fields. Women, transgender folk, and non-binary folk are historically underrepresented in STEM fields due to systemic hinderances, and this disproportionate representation isn't because cis men are intrinsically ‘better,’ more passionate, or harder working. If you’ve ever thought “How can I talk to my professor about making their class more inclusive?” or “I wish this dude would stop talking over me and actually listen,” come chat! We’re excited about creating a community that extends across classes and connects folks with shared experiences. If you need a support system for challenges you are facing or have ideas about addressing issues of gender inequality at Reed, we hope you’ll come hang out with us and join our mailing list to stay updated!

Transfer and Non-Traditional Student Union

This group is part of a student-led initiative to improve the experience of Reed's transfer and non-traditional students! All students who transferred to Reed from another college or university and/or are 23+ are welcome. This group is also open to anyone outside of that definition whose academic experience diverges from the "traditional" trajectory (gap year/returning from leave, military service, etc.). The Transfer & Non-Traditional Student Union is an inclusive space for those who feel as though they're not properly represented in academic, institutional, or social spaces on campus.

Students of Color Union

As stated in our name, the purpose of the Students of Color Union is to unionize: we, as a fellowship, make express personal and widely-shared grievances across multi-identity groups while also searching to ameliorate them publicly and peacefully. We aim to catalyze the building and empowering of representatives for and from a multitude of cultures and progress toward a safer community within but also separate from the lesser marginalized groups of campus.

...and more!

Reed's identity-based groups also include those for American Indian, Asian & Pacific Islander, Black, Caribbean, Chinese, Desi, Jewish, Latinx, and Vietnamese students, in addition to the Students of Color Union and Students of Color Community.


Loose Change

Loose Change is the revival of an art and writing magazine made by and for POC students. Our mission is to feature POC creative voices to the larger Reed community in online and printed publications. The only prerequisite to submit or to come to a meeting is to be a POC! If you have any questions, please let us know!

The Reed College Quest

The Reed College Quest is the weekly student-run newspaper of Reed College, publishing since 1913. If you have ever wanted to be a journalist, reporter, comic artist, photographer, or more, join the Quest! No previous experience is necessary.

Student Spaces

Pool Hall

The Pool Hall is an all access space where people come to play pool, listen to music, and look at the writings on the wall. We have six tables to play on and a Jukebox to play from and a furnished office to relax in when the manager is around!

Print Shoppe

The Print Shoppe is a student-run silk screening space in the Gray Campus Center. We’ve got all the equipment you need to print your very own stellar T-shirts (except for the T-shirts themselves).

Reed Bike Co-op

At the Co-op we guide individuals through repairs to their own bikes, as well as help people become mechanics so that they can help others. We provide some replaceable items on bikes and provide our mechanics with the tools to build and maintain their own bikes!

Student Darkroom

The student darkroom is a space to develop and print your black+white photography. All loaner cameras, film, chemicals, and paper are completely free for you to use. We also offer free trainings if you want to learn how to use the darkroom or need a refresher!