Health & Wellness

Your well-being is crucial to your success at Reed College. That’s why we offer a range of support services to ensure you have a safe and healthy college experience. Whether you need assistance managing stress, navigating a personal challenge, or accessing medical care, our dedicated team of counselors and health professionals is available to help and connect you with resources both on and off campus. Don't hesitate to reach out—we are here for you.

Promoting Wellness on Campus

From peer health advocates to fitness classes, we provide many ways to help you access a healthy and balanced lifestyle. Our goal is to create a community where everyone can thrive.

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Helping You Flourish

College can be challenging, but by prioritizing your physical and mental health, you can make the most of your time at Reed College.

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Caring for One Another

Reed’s close-knit community means that we always look out for one another. We have multiple pathways to find help, and we’re here to make sure you’re healthy and thriving.

Reed Care Team

Think a friend would benefit from additional resources and support? Refer them to the Reed Care Team, which will connect with the student with discretion and utmost respect for privacy.

Night Owls

Our friendly Night Owls help ensure our campus is a safe place to be after dark on weekends and during special social events. This peer group will walk across campus with you at night, provide earplugs, and more.

Office of Student Support

Overcome obstacles and thrive at Reed with the Office of Student Support. Get help navigating campus life and referrals to outside resources.