Faculty: Creating New Knowledge

Reed College faculty are independent thinkers and well-known scholars dedicated, first, to teaching.

  • Faculty at commencement
  • Meg Scharle meeting with a student
  • Enriquesta Canseco-Gonzales in class
  • Mariela Daby in class
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One hundred percent of Reed’s courses are taught by professors, rather than by teaching assistants, and the student-to-faculty ratio is 9:1. Most of our faculty live in one of the neighborhoods surrounding the college—don’t be surprised to see your professors at the coffee shop on Woodstock Avenue or the Farmers Market on Wednesdays—which is a great benefit to our campus environment.

Reed’s teaching philosophy, characterized by close interaction between students and faculty, creates a unique intellectual environment of rigorous academic collaboration.

Explore faculty profiles and learn more about some of our faculty members who work in fields of interest to you:


Charlene Makley

Betsey Brada

Paul Silverstein

LaShandra Sullivan


Michael Knutson

Gerri Ondrizek

Kris Cohen

Dana Katz

Akihiko Miyoshi

Michelle Wang


Steven Black

Robert Kaplan

Jay Mellies

Sarah Schaack 

Derek Applewhite

Kara Cerveny

Samuel Fey

Keith Karoly

Anna Ritz

Janis Shampay

Erik Zornik


Minh Tran

Victoria Fortuna

Carla Mann


Peter Rock [Creative Writing]

Pancho Savery

Samiya Bashir

Jay M. Dickson

Michael Faletra

Nathalia King

Laura Leibman

Lucía Martínez Valdivia

Kritish Rajbhandari

Gail Sherman

Greek, Latin, and Ancient Mediterranean Studies

Nigel Nicholson

Sonia Sabnis


Josh Howe


Kyle Ormsby


Mark Burford

David Schiff

Political Science

Paul Gronke

Darius Rejali

Peter Steinberger


Kris Anderson

Enriqueta Canseco-Gonzalez 

Jennifer Corpus

Dan Reisberg


Lena Lencek


Kate Bredeson