Undergraduate Research

At Reed College, research is an essential part of the undergraduate experience. Whether you're writing your first paper, collaborating with faculty members on their research, or getting started on your senior thesis, we are committed to fostering a culture of intellectual curiosity, research, and discovery.

We understand that access to resources plays a crucial role in enabling groundbreaking research. We offer generous funding options to support your academic pursuits, from summer research abroad to on-campus opportunities. Ask new questions, test out hypotheses, and share your findings with the world.

Hands-On Student Research

Reedies engage in cutting-edge research projects that push the boundaries of what we know and uncover new insights across various fields.

The Reed Thesis

During your final year, you will undertake the hardest challenge of your undergraduate years—the senior thesis. Whatever your major, you’ll be immersed in research, from conducting lab experiments to reading primary sources. Work closely with a faculty member who will advise and mentor you throughout the process. In the end, you’ll have crafted a project that lives on in Reed’s Thesis Tower and leaves a lasting impression for your future intellectual journey.

For his senior thesis, physics major Evan Peairs ‘16 experimented with acoustics to create metal sheets that, when played, sounded like church bells.

Three Reed College students sit at a table and watch their professor while he points to a drawing on the board behind him

Research in the Summer

Spend your break building research skills while living on campus. You can collaborate with faculty or pursue your own questions. Reed provides fellowships and grants to help cover travel expenses and more. Push boundaries with summer research with Reed.

Our Commitment to Summer Research

Reed students showcase their summer research, internships, and other creative opportunities.

Get Connected to Research Opportunities

Reed Sponsored and Summer Grants

Find financial support to conduct research through Reed's sponsored and summer grants programs. Through grant funding, you can pursue your research interests during the summer and academic year. Work with faculty mentors and gain invaluable hands-on experience while at Reed.

Fellowships & Awards

Elevate your academic journey with fellowships and awards offered by Reed College and other prestigious organizations. Gain access to research experiences, study abroad opportunities, funding, and more. We’ll help you find and apply to the ones that interest you!