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Welcome! This form is intended to serve as a way to help Reed's tutors improve their tutoring skills. To that end, we encourage you to be as honest and constructive as possible.  It's helpful for tutors to learn your perspective on what went well, and what could have been better.

Any information you submit will be sent to David Gruber and Miguel Rodriguez. If your feedback requires a reply, you may hear from David or Miguel.

You will have the option to specify whether or not your comments are forwarded to the tutor in question.

Thank you for your help with our mission to continue improving tutoring services at Reed!

To use the feedback form, you must be logged in with your Reed Kerberos account. If you receive an error message, try logging out of your personal Google account, and then logging in with a Reed account.

Click here to reach the feedback form.


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The Academic Resource Center and academic support services staff are located in the Dorothy Johansen (DoJo) House.

David Gruber
Assistant Dean of Students for Academic Support

Miguel Rodriguez
Tutor Program & Quantitative Skills Coordinator