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BBC releases West African Pidgin Site

In October 2018, the BBC expanded their news site to support West African Pidgin spoken in Nigeria, Ghana, Cameroon and Equatorial Guinea. This expansion indicates that the large news source recognizes the multilingualism of their audience base and that the news that be more accessible.

Posted by Michaella Joseph on October 4, 2018

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Nigerian Pidgin Speakers Struggle to Translate a Phrase Into "Proper English"

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This video shows speakers of Nigerian Pidgin English struggling to translate the phrase “This Ogbono soup too draw” into “proper English.” The video itself is a good example of how pidgin languages can have a majority of lexical features from one language, but cannot be directly translated due to the uniqueness of the created pidgin. The use of the phrase “proper English” in the title also shows the prescriptive ideology of language that the creator of the video possesses by labeling one way of speaking English as the “proper” way.

Nigerian Pidgin English accepted as unofficial second language

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A news story with examples of spoken NPE as well as cultural context for the shift in perception of the Creole Language.

Nigerian Opera Sung in Pidgin English

An article describing an opera written and sung by a speaker of Nigerian Pidgin English. [Published on 08-14-2015]

Posted by Kara Becker on September 1, 2015

Nigerian Pidgin English;
Pidgins and Creoles