Residence Life at Reed

Division of Student Life

Room & Roommate Choices for Returning Students


Room assignments are determined by your choices in the Housing Portal and availability of rooms on campus. Returning students are typically assigned to a room in buildings within our upper-division neighborhoods. Many students will be assigned to a double room, so we encourage students to consider their roommate options ahead of the application process. Single rooms are also available, with priority typically given to returning students who have a disability related housing-accommodation for a single room.

Before you select housing preferences in the portal, please visit our residence halls page for more details on buildings so you’ll know which ones you’re eligible to live in based on your class year.

All of Reed's residence halls are gender inclusive. Residents of each community determine how to utilize common spaces (including bathrooms) at the beginning of each year.


If you would like to request a specific roommate, complete the "roommate preference" section of the application in the Housing Portal. You and your proposed roommate must mutually confirm each other in order to be assigned as roommates. You can also search for compatible roommates based on answers to the lifestyle questions.

Please note that sophomores may only request other sophomores as roommates as they will be assigned housing in sophomore-designated buildings. Juniors and seniors may request other juniors and seniors as roommates.

Depending on the number of students who self-select roommates and the number of double rooms available, Res Life may not be able to honor all roommate requests or may need to assign roommates to students who have not specifically requested them.


What are my options if I am assigned a roommate and I would prefer a single? 

Returning students who are assigned a roommate will only be assigned to divided doubles (not undivided doubles or triples). If you are uncomfortable with your assignment, you will have the option to add yourself to the waitlist for a single room while retaining your initial assignment. You may not place yourself on the waitlist just to change buildings.


What about COVID-19?

The college may be adjusting their isolation and quarantine procedures to take into account double occupancy rooms and whether or not the student(s) have been vaccinated. More details will be provided in August. 

While the rollout of the COVID-19 vaccine will provide an extra layer of safety in our community, it’s important to recognize that individuals may have different comfort levels when it comes to COVID safety. Further, some COVID prevention measures may still be in place at Reed, including face covering requirements and limits on gathering sizes. Prospective roommates should discuss and agree to uphold COVID-19 prevention steps that align with the college’s requirements and that create a safe living environment for everyone. 

Your plan should include spending time each day to reflect and make note of your close contacts while keeping in mind that, if you test positive, you will be asked to name everyone you may have exposed. Also discuss with your roommates how you will adjust and support each other if someone has to quarantine or isolate.