Mission, Vision & Values

Residence Life does more than just assign housing; we aim to help you learn more about yourself and others as you encounter a range of lifestyles, ideas, and points of view. Student life in all residence halls is guided by the Honor Principle, which promotes self-governance and encourages respect.

Mission Statement

The Office of Residence Life facilitates a residential experience in which students are supported in their academic pursuits, personal growth, and participation in an interdependent community.

To achieve this, we:

  • provide secure, comfortable, and inclusive spaces for living and learning;
  • manage a team of well-trained professional staff and student leaders;
  • encourage individual growth and academic success through meaningful programs and relationship building.

Vision & Values

We envision a vibrant, safe, inclusive living environment where each student is invested in their academic and personal success and their pride in Reed. The Office of Residence Life is committed to the following interconnected values, which are guided by the Honor Principle. These values will inform our learning outcomes.


Academic excellence: active engagement in the curriculum both inside and outside of the classroom.

Community: accountability to, and participation in, a diverse communal living environment that fosters interdependence, positive and meaningful relationships, and a sense of belonging at Reed.

Personal development: positive development of key life skills gained through formative experiences.

Respect: interactions guided by civility, integrity, inclusivity, open dialogue, and the resolution of differences through restorative practices.

Wellness: holistic care for an individual’s well being, including a strong support network and access to campus resources.

Learning Outcomes

As a result of living in a residence life community, students will:

  • experience opportunities to make meaningful connections between their academic and extracurricular pursuits;
  • know how to access academic support resources that contribute to their academic success;
  • recognize their role in the development and maintenance of an honorable community;
  • develop meaningful relationships that contribute to their sense of belonging at Reed;
  • identify specific life skills that they have developed or strengthened that will contribute to their success at Reed and beyond;
  • learn to use restorative and honorable communication to manage conflicts;
  • participate in meaningful dialogue across differences of identity, background, and beliefs;
  • know how to access resources that contribute to their holistic well-being (including the psychological, emotional, and physical);
  • be able to articulate their definition of self-care and identify specific strategies for maintaining personal balance.