Board Plan Basics

Information and Guidance

Find answers to some of the most frequently asked questions about our board plans.

2023–24 Board Plan Costs

Changing Board Plans

Students can change their board plan by notifying the Residence Life Office in email for fall semester by September 11, 2023. Board changes for spring semester can occur on or between January 1, 2024 and February 4, 2024.

Lost or Stolen ID Cards

During orientation, each new student will receive a Reed College ID, which functions as the student’s board card. If the ID is lost, stolen, or misplaced, a replacement can be obtained at the Community Safety office located in 28 West. The student's account will be charged $10 for this replacement card.

Temporary Board Cards

Should a student temporarily misplace their ID, a temporary board card can be obtained directly from the Bon Appetit office in Lower Commons.


A prepared-meal replacement option is available when the college’s board program is open, through the use of “packouts”. Packouts are unprepared food products requested through Commons. A list of available items available can be obtained from Bon Appetit. Packouts are limited to a maximum of $300 per semester, with a weekly limit of $100 per pack out. Packouts will not be processed for non-student groups. There is an assumption in the agreement that the food is for student consumption. With all packouts, there will be no buying back of food by Bon Appetit.

Additional Resources


If you have questions concerning the dining program or special needs that you need addressed, please contact the residence life office by calling 503-777-7536 or emailing