Residence Life at Reed

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Gender Inclusive Housing at Reed

Gender-Inclusive Housing

At Reed, gender-inclusive housing options are available for all incoming and returning students. Residence Life welcomes students of all gender identities and expressions and works with students to find appropriate housing placements, regardless of designated gender.

Incoming Students

Incoming students who are placed in doubles are typically assigned a roommate of the same designated gender unless specific alternative arrangements have been made with the residence life office.

Trans or gender non-conforming students can request a single room, and historically, we have always been able to accommodate this request. Students also can request to be assigned a roommate regardless of gender, or request to be assigned a roommate with similar gender identities. Reed does its best to ensure that roommates are drawn from a pool of incoming students who have indicated that they are open to a gender-inclusive housing placement (i.e. being matched with a roommate of any gender).

Contact Reed’s Director of Residence Life for Housing, Clea Taylor, to discuss your housing preferences.

Returning Students

All Reed College rooms designated for returning students are gender inclusive. Available rooms in Room Registration can be selected by students of any gender. Students who wish to live in double or triple rooms or apartments can select and confirm other students as roommates (regardless of gender) through the Housing Portal.