Residence Life at Reed

Division of Student Life

Residence Halls

At Reed, all on-campus residence halls are part of neighborhoods. First-year students live in first-year neighborhoods, and sophomores, juniors and seniors live in upper-division neighborhoods.

The current neighborhood model is subject to change depending on available bed spaces.

First-Year Neighborhoods

First-year neighborhoods are primarily focused on helping incoming students transition to Reed. Programs and resources are focused on finding community on campus and adjusting to Reed’s academic and campus life.

Sophomore Neighborhoods

New for Fall 2021, sophomores will have dedicated residential spaces on campus. Support for sophomores will be targeted to address gaps or experiences that sophomores may have missed in their first year at Reed during the pandemic. Sophomores can expect a kick-off event in August before the first day of classes, and monthly targetted programming for their needs.

Upper-Division Neighborhoods

Upper-division neighborhoods are for juniors and seniors and primarily focused on supporting existing friend groups and personal goals. Programs and resources are focused on personal/professional/academic goals and sustaining community.

Buildings designations were adjusted in June for 2021-22 to meet student needs. We recognize this shift did not allow students the opportunity to preference these specific buildings in their housing application. 

Isolation and Quarantine Buildings

More Information about On-campus Housing

Living options & language housing

In previous years, Reed has offered Living Options and Language-based housing in our residence halls. Due to restructuring for the neighborhood model and necessary adjustments for COVID response, we will not be offering those communities in the residence halls in the 2021-22 academic year. We plan to work with International Programs and faculty to resume the Language House program again in the future and will share more information with students once it is available. We also hope to work closely with students to determine whether or not bringing back Living Options would be feasible in conjunction with the neighborhood model and, if so, what types of communities may best support student interests and identities. We recognize this may be disappointing news for some students who were looking forward to living in those communities and appreciate your patience and understanding.

House advisers

All residence halls have at least one member of residence life staff living on site. House advisers (HAs) are current students who help to build community, mediate conflicts, and assist students as they navigate campus resources. Area coordinators (ACs) are professional staff members who manage the halls and supervise HAs. Area coordinators may also live on site.

Disability-related housing accommodations

Find out more about the many options for accessible living on campus.

Room and board fees

Annual on-campus housing prices are set by the college in mid-March. View housing costs.

Housing contracts

Access contracts, applications, and other on-campus housing documents.

Pet guidelines

Before bringing your scaled or furry friend to campus, review information about animals and pets