Residence Life at Reed

Division of Student Life

Move-In Process

Residence Life is ready to welcome students for Fall 2020 move-in.

Following public health guidance, the college will limit who will be allowed on campus and in residence halls on move-in day. While Reed staff will be on hand to welcome students to campus and help guide them through the move-in process, we regret that friends and family will not be permitted inside Reed housing. Families, the college looks forward to welcoming you on a future visit.

Early arrival requests cannot be accommodated.

How to Prepare for Move-In

Sign-Up: If you haven’t already done so, please fill out the form below to secure a time and day for you to move into the residence halls. If you need to adjust your time, please revisit the link to make any changes. You have until August 7 to sign up for move-in.

Students will receive a detailed email before move-in that includes additional information.

We ask all community members who plan to be on campus or engage in person with students, faculty, or staff to practice social distancing at all times and not to expand their in-person social circles for a minimum of two weeks prior to arriving on campus. All students who plan to be on campus should monitor themselves for COVID-19 symptoms for a minimum of two weeks prior to arriving on campus. The best way to prevent illness is to avoid being exposed to this virus. If you had close contact with a person who has COVID-19, you must quarantine and be clear of COVID-19 symptoms before returning to campus. If you suspect or know that you have COVID-19, you must isolate and only return to campus once cleared by your medical provider.

Submit Your Insurance Information: Upload your medical insurance information to the student health portal prior to your arrival to campus. Early submissions are strongly encouraged to help streamline the testing process. Contact the Health & Counseling Center if you have difficulty uploading your insurance or if you have questions about the process.

[New Students] Submit Your Picture: Submit your photo for your Reed ID card. Early submissions are strongly encouraged to help streamline the check-in process. 

Face Coverings: Students will be required to wear face coverings during the move-in process and whenever they are not in their rooms. A face covering will be provided to any student who does not have one upon arrival for check-in. However, we encourage students to bring their own face coverings! Guests accompanying students to move-in are also required to wear face coverings. 

Timing for Arrival: We know you are eager to start your move-in process, but for the safety of our community and the staff working check-in, students and families will not be allowed to check-in prior to their assigned move-in time. If you arrive before your move-in time, you will be asked to leave and come back no earlier than 10 minutes before your move-in time. Help us avoid congestion on campus by staying off campus until your assigned check-in time. 

If you’re experiencing travel delays and will miss your appointment time, please email Residence Life as soon as possible.

Packing: We encourage students to pack lightly to make for a more smooth move-in process. Consider leaving any items you cannot carry on your own at home. We have a limited supply of hand trucks and cannot guarantee they will be available day-of. Students can also mail packages to the Reed mailroom two weeks before their move-in date. More information can be found here. If you are in need of accommodations for move-in due to disability or medical condition, please contact

Self-Quarantine Prep: You are expected to remain in your room after arrival until you are cleared by College staff. Think about what entertainment or activities you may want to do while remaining in your room. We know that students arriving on campus are eager to make connections with their peers, and virtual community building opportunities will be offered throughout move-in week. Other ideas include your favorite snacks, a fan for hot days, or ways to decorate your room after arrival. If you test positive, the College will work with you on next steps. 

[Returning Students] Storage:  Residence Life staff are working with an outside company to move students’ belongings into their rooms prior to their arrival on campus.

What happens during move-in?

When students arrive on campus, they will be asked to complete the following steps at a check-in location:

  1. A COVID-19 test will be administered by a medical professional. Reed has contracted with an testing company that will perform the tests. The tests are diagnostic polymerase chain reaction (PCR) tests for COVID-19 purchased from Tempus. The provider doing the tests will aim for minimal discomfort. The testing process will consist of a simple nasal swab in each nostril (this is not the "to the brain" nasal swab test). Specimens will be sent to a Tempus lab.
  2. Pick up their room key, Reed ID card, and other welcome materials
  3. From there, students will be able to begin move-in at their assigned residence hall
  4. If you ordered linens, they will already be placed in your room before your arrival
  5. Parents/families are able to drive on to campus with their students and help them unload things from their car. Guests cannot enter the building with their student. 

Students are required to self-quarantine immediately after moving their belongings, until they receive their test results.

What does quarantine look like? 

While self-quarantining, students are expected to follow these guidelines to limit contact with other community members:  

  • Stay in their room, except to do the following:
    • Use the bathroom 
    • Pick up items or food ordered through the mobile dinning app from Commons (the dining hall)
    • Seek emergency medical care 
  • Abide by social distancing and face coverings guidelines:
    • Wear a face coverings at all times when not in your room, except when showering or engaging in oral hygiene 
    • Maintain six feet distance from all other community members
    • Avoid utilizing common spaces during posted cleaning times

We know that students arriving on campus are eager to make connections with their peers, and virtual community building opportunities will be offered throughout move-in week.

What about my packages that are in the mailroom and bookstore? 

Please plan to pick your items up after your quarantine period is over. If you have essential items that are needed during your quarantine period, contact mail services and bookstore directly. 

How do I know when my quarantine period is over? 

While our goal is to get you your test results within 120 hours of your test, it may take longer, depending on when Reed receives the test results from the Tempus lab. As you may have read in the news, labs are backlogged, and circumstances out of our control may impact how quickly tests are processed. We appreciate your understanding regarding the turnaround time. In all cases, your privacy will be maintained. 

Reed’s Health & Counseling Center will contact you with test results. If your test is positive, you will receive a phone call from the HCC. If your test is negative, you will receive a secure message through the student health portal.  

Additional information about training, testing, health monitoring, and contact tracing can be found here.

If you are in need of accommodations due to disability or medical condition, please contact