What Is a Reedie, Anyway?

Twelve grads from the Class of ’21 share their discoveries and adventures at Reed.

By Randall S. Barton | September 29, 2021

You can say one thing for the class of 2021—they’re resilient. In the face of a global pandemic, economic meltdown, and immense social dislocation, they stayed true to their compass and finished their theses. We decided to interview 12 of them to learn more about the people, places, and ideas that inspired them.

Anesu Ndoro
Mariana Beyer Chapa
Shisham Ashikari
Simon Couch
Genyuan Miachel Hu
Andrey Marsavin
Soroa Lear
Ben Reed
Natalie Murphy
Eva Licht
Emma McNeel
Abhi Rajshekar


How Investments Can Stoke Inequality

Meet economics-math major Shisham Adhikari ’21

Driving, Immigration, and Power

Meet political science major Mariana Beyer Chapa ’21

A New Way to Visualize Statistics

Meet math major Simon P. Couch ’21

Blind Fish and Architecture

Meet neuroscience major Genyuan Hu ’21

Dancing Through the Pandemic

Meet lit-dance major Soroa Lear ’21

Can Theatre Help Us Do Better Science?

Meet biology-theatre major Eva Licht ’21

Smoke Gets In Your Eyes

Meet ES-chemistry major Andrey Marsavin ’21

Found in Translation

Meet GLAM major Emma McNeel ’21

Natural Disasters That Echo Through Generations

Meet ES-history major Natalie Murphy ’21

Blackness, Belonging, and the GOP

Meet anthro major Anesu Ndoro ’21

Power, Violence, and Marginalization

Meet political science major Abhi Rajshekar ’21

When Poetry Goes Beyond Words

Meet comp lit major Ben Read ’21



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