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Profiles and projects related to Reed grads

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Prizes, honors, and exalted accomplishments

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Our professors and alumni are a creative lot. See reviews of their work.

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Anything to do with business, entrepreneurship, and innovation.

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Get a feel for life at Reed.

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Environmental studies, green science.

Cool Projects

Mutant velocipedes. Gargantuan hamster wheels. New musical instruments. Immense works of art.

Courses We’d Love To Take

Reed offers some of the most intense and intellectually stimulating undergrad courses of any college in the nation. This is an occasional series on Reed courses that will fire your imagination.


How Reed and Reedies are responding to Covid-19 and the coronavirus pandemic.


Diversity, equity, inclusion, social justice, and related subjects.

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Check out some of our most intriguing articles, hand-selected by the editor.

Financial Aid

Paying for a Reed education.

Giving Back to Reed

How philanthropy makes Reed possible.


Public health, medicine, the healing arts. Also the care and feeding of the Reed student.


The nuts and bolts of how an institution such as Reed actually functions.


The world is your oyster.

Life Beyond Reed

Careers, jobs, internships, and tales of Reedies conspiring to take over the world.


We remember the lives they led—our classmates, our professors, and our friends.

Object of Study

Our series examining things that Reed students study.

Performing Arts

Theatre. Music. Dance. Sound. Light. Movement. Multimedia escapades.


Meet the amazing teacher-scholars who guide Reed’s academic mission.

Reed History

The Doyle Owl. The MG buried under the library. The true story of Amanda Reed’s will. You’ll find it all here.


Reedies stand at the forefront of many fields of human knowledge, from anthropology to zoology.


Projects and profiles of Reedies who serve their community.

Sports & Adventures

Summiting Mount Adams. Playing rugby in prom dresses. We’ve got your back.


Protean creatures, capable of assuming many forms. Often spotted near breathtaking art projects, outlandish experiments, and the library.


The capstone project for every Reed senior.

What is a Reedie?

Every year, we interview a dozen graduating seniors and ask them about their classes, their thesis, and their time at Reed. You’ll be surprised by some of their answers.