Political Science

 Darius M. Rejali

Professor of Political Science
On leave/sabbatical 2019-2021

Department of Political Science
Reed College
3203 SE Woodstock Blvd
Portland, OR 97202-8199, USA

Email: darius.rejali@reed.edu

My name is Darius Rejali. I am a Professor of Political Science at Reed College, a Carnegie (2003) and Fulbright (2009) scholar. My work concentrates on violence in modern societies, and particularly on modern torture. I am trained as a political philosopher, comparative political scientist, and social theorist, and so my writing reflects both concerns for the causes and effects of violence, as well as what it can tell us about the human condition and how our world is changing.

My teaching also follows my scholarly concerns. I teach advanced courses in political philosophy (Injustice, Augustine and Hobbes, Muslim Kingship, Dangerous Speech, Hobbes and Schmitt), courses in comparative politics (Iran and American Social Science, Torture Prevent, Torture in Wars Transitional Justice, Comparative Revolutions), and courses in social theory (Muslim as Enemy, Max Weber, Power, Approaches to Violence, and Foucault, Latour, Bourdieu).

You can find information on my award-winning book Torture and Democracy (2007) here. Allow me to direct you to my personal webpage for further information on my recent scholarly work and other activities. This official website includes links to reviews, editorials, magazine articles, public lectures, and radio and television appearances. It also includes information on my first book, a major study of modern Iranian torture (Torture and Modernity: Self, Society, and State in Modern Iran (Westview, 1994)).