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Ryan Lau and I took this image of M51 with a telescope at New Mexico Skies observatory at the end of his thesis at Reed.  We had just returned from a Reed field trip to the Goldendale observatory in WA where M51 looked genuinely nebulous through the virtually 1 meter reflector.  CCDs rock.

The image to the right with "Time = 0.78" is from Noah Muldavin's thesis, and is his N-body simulation of a galaxy without dark matter.


Brillouin, Raman and FTIR spectroscopy

Thesis students
60 theses: Recently some of my thesis students have worked on a range of topics in astrophysics: extra-solar planets, cataclysmic variables, supernovae, galactic dynamics, and laboratory astrophysics of dust. Most of my previous students worked on DNA biological physics, but some fascinating works
in membrane biophysics, neuroscience, cellular biophysics, atom trapping,
thermally excited capillary waves, semiconductor physics, physical chemistry,
and many more topics. 

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