Physics Department

Student Theses


  1. "Simulating Slow Light Propagation in an Electric Circuit" by Jackson Anderson
  2. "All-Orders Resummation of mMDT-Groomed Heavy Hemisphere Mass in Electron-Positron Annihilation" by Kees Benkendorfer
  3. "Hydrogenic Hamiltonian Construction for Simulation on Quantum Hardware with Quantum Phase Estimation" by Tyler Bortel
  4. "Analyzing Cosmological Evolution through n-body Simulation of Dark and Luminous Matter using ChaNGa" by Mitchell Burdorf
  5. "Modelling Vibration of Membranes Under Non-Uniform Tension" by Ryen Burris
  6. "Fishing Forces: An Inquiry into the Role of Split Discs on Drosophila Cell Adhesion with Traction Force Microscopy" by Sushruta Chandramouli
  7. "Quantum Algorithm for Berry Phase Measurement" by Dairong (Esther) Chen
  8. "Tipping Points in Zero-Dimensional Global Energy Balance Climate Models" by William Fish
  9. "A Random Walk through Quantum Field Theory: From the Harmonic Oscillator to Lattice QCD" by Samuel Ginnett
  10. "The Modulation Tabulation" by Alfonso Gomez Velasquez
  11. "Parameter Optimization of a Passive Error Correcting Logical Qubit" by Alexander Hardy
  12. "The Whole World and You: Toying With Physics on a Flat Earth" by Matthew Hwang
  13. "A First Look at Rate Induced Tipping" by Theo Lavier
  14. "A Door to Quantum Gravity: The Black Hole Information Paradox" by Muxi Liu
  15. "Optically Detected Magnetic Resonance of Nitrogen-Vacancy Centers in Diamond" by Yilian Liu
  16. "Reinventing the Wheel: Rotational Rigidity under Relativity" by Viola Lum
  17. "Monte Carlo Particle-In-Cell Simulation of a Magnetically Shielded Grid Fusion Reactor" by Asa McNaughton
  18. "Exploring Bistability in a Driven Time-delay System with an Electronic Circuit" by Quinn Morgan
  19. "Measuring Carrier Lifetime in Thin-Film Solar Cells: A Comparison of Two Techniques" by Leila Siegel-Zigmund
  20. "Detecting Correlated Errors in a Sagnac Loop Interferometer" by Abby Stephens
  21. "Relaxation for an Open System of Interacting Spins" by Alexander Striff
  22. "Model of length contraction" by Yujie (Rodger) Zhang
  23. "Converse Symmetry Breaking in Two Models" by Zehui Zhao 


  1. "Understanding Scattering Amplitudes through Spinor Helicity Formalism" by Yunjia Bao
  2. "Plasma Particle Containment in Magnetic Confinement Fusion Devices: the Magnetic Mirror Machine and a Toroidal Confinement Field" by Amelia Chambliss
  3. "Single Particle Quantum Mechanics with the Schrödinger-Poisson Equation" by Miles Cohen
  4. "N-Body Simulation of Cosmological Structure" by Beckett Cummings
  5. "Using Passive Error Correction to Extend the Lifetime of Qubits" by Jacob Cutshall
  6. "Reservoir Computing: Neural Networks and Observing Nonlinear Dynamical Systems" by Josh Dey
  7. "Predicting spatio-temporal chaos with reservoir computing" by Cosmos Dong
  8. "Joint Spectral Characterization of a Spontaneous Parametric Down Conversion Source" by Ely Eastman
  9. "Build-A-Bell-Workshop: Numerical Solutions to the von Kármán Equations for Arbitrary Rectilinear Plates" by Saba Goodarzi
  10. "The Meissner Effect and Critical Current Density in Fabricated YBCO Cylindrical Superconductors" by Viela Guay
  11. "A Beginner's Guide to CMS Open Data Analysis" by Trenor Hamilton
  12. "Calculating Stationary States of Open Quantum Systems Using a Neural Network Ansatz" by Thomas Malthouse
  13. "Supersymmetry and Hydrogen-Like Bound States" by Asher Payton
  14. "An Experimental Investigation of Obstructions in Granular Flows" by Dennis Quaintance
  15. "Dark Photon Detection in Fixed Beam Experiments" by Dylan Russell
  16. "Modulated Photoluminescence for Lifetime Measurement of Cd(Se)Te Solar Cells" by Xingyi Wang
  17. "Turbulence and Its Effect on Star Formation in Galaxy NGC 524" by Rebecca Xie
  18. "NGC 1316 - Motion and Ionization Mechanisms of Nebular Gas" by Martin Ying
  19. "Derivation and Experimental Implementation of an Efficient Quantum Entanglement Witness For Two-Qubit Systems" by Eric Zhang
  20. "The AdS3/CFT2 correspondence" by Jialun Zhao
  21. "Investigating the role of Split discs in craniofacial development using Traction Force Microscopy" by Maham Zia


  1. "Reservoir Computing: Observing the Baker's Map" by Sean Allen
  2. "Position Measurements using Single-Crystal Scintillation Detectors" by Beadle Beadle
  3. "Muography: Magnificent Muons, a Marvelous Mapping Mechanism!" by Patrick Bedard
  4. "Do Outflows from Supermassive Black Holes Suppress Star Formation in Galaxies" by Kanishk Chaturvedi
  5. "An Exploration in Perturbation: Asymptotic Ailments to Quantum Consternation" by J.R. Cruise
  6. "Modeling the Neutron Flux of the Reed Research Reactor Using Temperature" by Toria Ellis
  7. "Polarization Evolution from Gravitational Waves" by Wills Harris
  8. "Pseudo Steady State Modulated Photoluminesence Characterization of Semiconductors" by Patrick Hofswell
  9. "Growing CdSxSe1-x Type Quantum Dots in a Silicon Glass Matrix" by Suki Hyman
  10. "Cells on Gels" by Nikki Johnston
  11. "Critical Points and Information Measures in Many-Spin Systems" by Hyun Soo Kim
  12. "Exact Solutions of Spin Chains" by Nate MacFadden
  13. "Arbitrary Rotations in the Poincaré Sphere" by Tommaso McPhee
  14. "Flares and Exoplanets in Kepler Data" by Phong Nguyen
  15. "Magnetic Response of Hubbard Hamiltonian on a Tubular Lattice" by Gray Perez
  16. "Habitability near the Center of Active, Milky Way-like Galaxies" by Trevor Schlack
  17. "Methods for Producing Computer Generated Holograms Using a Spatial Light Modulator" by Oona Sullivan-Marcus
  18. "Entanglement Entropy in Conformal Field Theory" by Colin Vangel
  19. "Characterizing Ultrashort Laser Pulses Using Two-photon Absorption" by Jiahui Wei
  20. "Quantum Search in the Face of Decoherence: Insights from Histories Approach" by Jalan Ziyad


  1. "Effect of Distinguishability on Multi-Parameter Estimation in Multiple Photon Interferometry" by Kenji Arai
  2. "Analyzing 3-Point Symmetric Contacts of Photoelastic Disks" by Matthew Chau
  3. "Avalanches in Granular Media" by Giovanni Corti
  4. "Designing a New Type of Sail for Monohull Sailboats" by Ali Cox
  5. "Modeling the Springductor" by Elias Friedman
  6. "Massless, Charged Scalar Fields" by Ian Fries
  7. "Tracking Resonances of Dark Matter Particles in Frequency Maps of a Galaxy Simulation" by Christopher Hale
  8. "Into the Void: Mass Function of Supermassive Black Holes in the local universe" by Farhanul Hasan
  9. "Characterizing the Elastic Responses of Double Stranded DNA Through Direct Observation Atomic Force Microscopy" by Davis Kusnick
  10. "Q-Switched Pulsed Laser using Few Layer TiS2 Flakes" by Ruoyu Liu
  11. "The Use of MEMS Gyroscopes to Measure Earth's Rotation Rate" by Anthony Loya
  12. "An apparatus for measuring large scale cosmic ray anisotropy through water Cherenkov muon detection" by Malcolm McCarthy
  13. "Things Fall Apart: A Peridynamic and Experimental Investigation of Dynamic Fracture in Glass" by Christopher Orita
  14. "The D-parameter in the Soft & Collinear Limit" by Aja Procita
  15. "Vector Cosmic Strings" by Sarah Racz
  16. "Dynamic Modeling of Binary Black Hole Systems and Cygnus X-1" by Elizabeth Arellano (Ximena Ramos)
  17. "Photoluminescence: Illuminating the Future of Solar" by Andrew Ryder
  18. "Reservoir Computing: Memory, Nonlinearity, and Spatial Observers" by Noah Shofer
  19. "Solutions to the Klein-Gordon Wave Equation at the Event Horizon of a Black Hole" by Andrew Simler
  20. "Diagnosis of Classroom Acoustics" by Ribby Suh
  21. "Correcting for Coincidence: Applying a Semi-Empirical Correction Scheme for Coincidence Summing in Gamma Ray Spectroscopy" by Amanda Swanson
  22. "A GPU parallel implementation of the Ising Model" by Matyas Szabo
  23. "Modeling the Solar Dynamo with Finite Difference Approximations" by Daniel Timbie
  24. "Being on the Hyperball: The Quantum Mechanical Description of the Hydrogen Atom in a Spherical Universe" by Ion Wood-Thanan
  25. "Redefining Nucleons: Renormalizing the Creation Operator" by Helen Zhang


  1. "Substitution of a Carrier in a Ferrofluid" by Alex Abrahams
  2. "Simulating the Gravitational Lensing of Massive Particles: An Exploration of Scattering Solutions of the Schwarzschild Metric" by Sabrina Appel
  3. "Reduced Simulations:  A New Technique for γ - γ Angular Correlation Analysis" by William Ashfield
  4. "The Gravitational Signature of a Dirac Monopole" by Ella Banyas
  5. "Memristors:  Characterization, Applications, and Quantized Conductance" by Elias Cohen
  6. "Imaging Electron-Hole Liquid Droplets in Uniaxially Stressed Gallium Phosphide" by Gabriel Colacion
  7. "Slacking Off:  The Physics of Low Tension Highlining" by Jonathan Croom
  8. "Extracting Information from Jets at Hadron Colliders Using Deep Learning" by Kaustuv Datta
  9. "Generation and Characterization of Nondiffracting Beams" by Yuka Esashi
  10. "Electrodynamics on Manifolds" by Muldrow Etheredge
  11. "Numerical Modeling of Waves and Wave Breaking" by Kevin Freymiller
  12. "Lighting the Way:  Computations of Stable Forms of Optical Lift" by Robby Gottesman
  13. "Computational Modeling of Stirling Engines " by Vincent Griffith
  14. "Maxwell’s Demon in an Information Engine" by Lara Kincheloe
  15. "Orbital Currents in a Spinless Three-Band Model of the Cuprates" by Alex Liebman-Peláez
  16. "Dread the Oracles, not Quantum Alone but Zero-Knowledge Too: Two Separations Between Quantum and Zero-Knowledge Classes" by Benjamin Morrison
  17. "Chaos and Bifurcations in the Monopole Ion Trap" by Edgar Perez


  1. "Quantifying Cellular Mechanotransduction in Morphogenesis and Cancer" by Abrar Abidi
  2. "Issues with First Quantization Quantum Mechanics on Curved Space-Times" by Aaron Cholden-Brown
  3. "Particle Dynamics in a Time-Dependent Kerr Geometry" by Alexander Deich
  4. "Bound Orbits in Classical Electrodynamics" by Timoteo Delgado-Esbenshade
  5. "Electromagnetically Induced Transparency: The Zeeman Method" by Walter Furman
  6. "Dark Matter Corrections to the Anomalous Magnetic Moment of the Muon" by Naomi Gendler
  7. "First Quantization of the Radiation Reaction Force" by William Holdhusen
  8. "256 Shades of Grey: Topological Analysis of the Gray-Scott Model Using Persistence Landscapes" by Joseph Joe
  9. "Spontaneous Orbital Currents in Spinless Fermion Lattice Models" by Hsu Liu
  10. "Computing the Band Structure of InSb and CdTe Quantum Dots" by Charles McIntyre
  11. "Exploring the Relationship Between Interstellar Bubbles and Wolf-Rayet Stars" by Jacqueline Meadows
  12. "Bohmian Mechanics and the Aharonov-Bohm Effect: A Computational Approach" by K. Cole Newton
  13. "Origins of Chaos in Nonlinear Oscillatory Hamiltonian Systems" by Mateo Ochoa Coloma
  14. "Designing, Building, and Testing Novel Musical instruments" by Evan Peairs
  15. "The Dynamics of Anyons: A Numerical Approach to Quantum Scattering in Two Dimensions" by Zubenelgenubi Scott
  16. "The Synchronization of Coupled Oscillators" by Nathan Showell
  17. "Thermo-Electric Processes in a DC Discharge Plasma" by Michael Sommer
  18. "Scalar Tensor Vector Gravity and Universal Coupling" by Sidney Vetens
  19. "The Dynamics of a Nonlinear Time-Delayed Electronic System" by Colleen Werkheiser


  1. "Intraband Transitions in CdSe Quantum Dots" by Taras Abolfathi
  2. "Quantum State Measurement of Polarization Entangled Phtons" by Sandesh Adhikary
  3. "Using the Photon Wave Function to Compute Behavior of Single Photon Wave Packets Traveling Through Linear Material Interfaces" by Jay Collins
  4. "Tunneling in a Quantum Analog: An Experimental Investigation of a Bouncing Oil Drop System" by Michael (Miguel) Conner
  5. "A Geometric Approach to KT Clustering" by Alexander Emerman
  6. "Searching for a Charge-Density Wave in Laughlin's Model of High-Temperature Superconductivity" by Jack Flowers
  7. "Wave Packet Dynamics in Graphene in a Magnetic Field" by Shawn Geller
  8. "Exact Coherent Structures with Broken Symmetry in Plane Couette Flow" by Varchas Gopalaswamy
  9. "Properties of H II Region Populations in the Whirlpool Galaxy: Hubble Space Telescope Paß Imaging" by Elizabeth Grace
  10. "Scalar Gravity with Self-Field Coupling" by Yudan Guo
  11. "Looking at Pictures: Topological Analysis of Complex Reaction-Diffusion Patterns" by Joel Hawkins
  12. "Slow Light Propagation in Synthetic Ruby" by Daniel Herman
  13. "Vibrations in Transitionally-Asymmetric Crystals" by Nicholas Irvin
  14. "Quasi-Steady State Analysis of the Chain Fountain" by Neima Kashani
  15. "An Experimental and Numerical Analysis of 2-Dimensional Kolmogorov Fluid Flows" by Devon Kesseli
  16. "An Experimental Investigation of Neutron-Induced Defects in Yttrium Barium Copper Oxide Superconductors" by M. Kai Nalipinski
  17. "Millimeter Interferometric Observations of Molecular Emission from Galaxy Merger NGC 3256" by Anna Nuxoll
  18. "Simulation of a Gas-Gooled Fast Breeder Reactor" by Mustafa Okar
  19. "The Optical Properties of Reflection Nebulae" by Ross Petersen
  20. "Generalized Statistical Techniques for Differentiating Dark Matter Models at the Large Hadron Collider" by Carl Proepper
  21. "Fluorescence Intermittency in CdSe and CdSe/ZnS Quantum Dots" by Theodore Sangenitto
  22. "A Computational Model to Investigate the Evolution of Electrospray Plumes" by Julia Selker
  23. "Evolution of Dark Matter Haloes" by Ferruh Senan
  24. "Detecting Axion Towers at the Large Hadron Collider" by Nikolai Smirnow
  25. "A Large-Volume Scintillation Detector for the Study of Cosmic-Ray Muons" by Neal Woo


  1. "Attraction Between Two Charged Conducting Circles" by Prakher Bajpai
  2. "Dynamic Stabilization of an Inverted Pendulum" by Anya Demko
  3. "Spectroscopic Characterization of Water Adsorption on Calcium Carbonate and its Astrophysical Implications" by Logan Emery
  4. "Symbolic Regression of the Damped Driven Pendulum" by Jesse Grillo
  5. "Assessing the Validity of the Envelope-Function Approximation and the Effective-Mass Approximation" by Phillip Jahelka
  6. "A Magneto-Mechanical Nonlinear System" by Isaac Khader
  7. "Bound States in Singular Potentials" by Gregory Kohler
  8. "Demonstrating a Negative Index of Refraction" by Tobias Koppel
  9. "Power Output of the Stirling Engine" by Luke Liechty
  10. "The Shovel Method: Digging for Dark Matter in Noisy Data" by Aya Maguire
  11. "The Dynamics of the Falling Slinky" by Aaron McCray-Goldsmith
  12. "Nonequivalent Lagrangian Mechanics" by Andrew McNutt
  13. "Relativistic Strings and Ehrenfest's Paradox" by Allison Morgan
  14. "Quantum Monte Carlo Calculations of the Imaginary-Time Green's Function in the Hubbard Model" by Huy Nguyen
  15. "Gravtitons in the D4/D8/D8 Configuration" by Stu Pickell
  16. "Photoacoustic Spectroscopy:  A Method for Investigating Weak Molecular Absorption" by Rachel Pincus


  1. "Reggeized Central Production of η and η' Mesons" by Neil Anderson
  2. "Chasing Pinwheels:  Measuring the Force of the Electric Wind" by Alan Baur
  3. "Phase Transitions in a Chipping Model on Simple and Bipartite Lattices" by Zachary Brown
  4. "A Numerical Model for the Partial Coalescence of Small Fluid Drops:  Navier-Stokes and the Damped Harmonic Oscillator" by Willam Eichelberger
  5. "Emission Intermittency in CdSe Quantum Dots" by Julia Fisk
  6. "Deep Blue: Examining Cerenkov Radiation Through Non-traditional Media" by Ian Flower
  7. "The Quantum-Mechanical Dynamics of a Particle in the Anti-de Sitter Space Central Potential" by Andre Frankenthal
  8. "Multilayer Perceptrons" by Maxwell Gurewitz
  9. "A Numerical Investigation of Water Waves" by Lucas Howard
  10. "Optical Variability of BL Lac Object MRK 421" by Alec Jackson
  11. "Exploring the Conformal Equivalence of Metrics" by Lucas  John
  12. "On the Spectral Properties of Quasicrystals and Other Deterministic Aperiodic Structures" by Bibek Kafle
  13. "Optical Precursors" by Jonathan  Kindem
  14. "Extending Piecewise-Linear Chaos to Ultra-High-Frequencies Using Time-Delayed Feedback" by Lukas Kuczynski
  15. "Implementation of a Chaotic Electromechanical Oscillator Described by a Hybrid Differential Equation" by Xueping Long
  16. "Altering the Grid Structure beneath the Active Walker Model" by Victor Lowney
  17. "Two-Dimensional Stable Configurations of BuckyBalls®" by Julius Monello
  18. "The N-Body Simulation of Galaxy Dynamics" by Noah Muldavin
  19. "Conductance Quantization in Gold Nanowires" by Phillip Norfleet
  20. "Real-Time Tunable-Emission Mn2+:ZnSe/CdSe Nanocrystal Films" by Collin Perkinson
  21. "Composing Cavities and Stringing 19 Tones into One Octave" by Carolynn Polanchek
  22. "Der Kugelblitz! Laboratory Ball Lightning via Electrtical Arcing Through Silicon" by Christina Porter
  23. "Phase and Amplitude Instability in an Optoelectronic Oscillator with Delayed Self-Feedback" by Lindsay Sonderhouse
  24. "The Problem of Microwave Absorption in DNA" by Elisabeth Thomas
  25. "A Thermal Mapping of the Reed Research Reactor Core" by Michael Vignal
  26. "Numerically Levitating Objects with Rockets" by Eliot Vrijmoet
  27. "Two-Dimensional Non-Hermitian Fermion Systems" by Connor Wallace


  1. "Quantum field theory and general relativistic scattering from a massive central body" by Gregory A. Barello
  2. "3-dimensional electromagnetic standing waves in a circular cylindrical resonant cavity" by Emily Brown 
  3. "Emission intermittency in semiconductor and rare earth ion nanocrystals" by Jennifer Caamano
  4. "Reconstructing dark matter halos in galaxy groups using weak gravitational lensing" by Farren Curtis
  5. "The damped driven pendulum: bifurcation analysis of experimental data" by Gray Davidson
  6. "Electromagnetically induced transparency" by Wesley Erickson
  7. "Cataclysmic variables" by Antonio Friedman
  8. "An analysis of shear forces in a thin fluid layer and the effects of certain obstructions to fluid flow" by Max Gould
  9. "Planetary stability in the three-body problem" by Nathaniel Herrmann
  10. "Fabrication, spectroscopic analysis, and electronic structure determination of the fullerenes C60 and C70" by Sainabou Jallow
  11. "The perfect skipping stone" by Matthew Lambert
  12. "Fluorescence microscopy of clathrin and the cell membrane: resolution beyond the optical diffraction limit" by Benjamin Larson
  13. "Analyzing photoelastic disks" by Jeremey Lawrence
  14. "Quantum mechanical bound states of the Yukawa potential" by Ellen McManis
  15. "Neutrino oscillation tomography" by Margaret Millhouse
  16. "The multiple spherical pendulum" by Sara Natale
  17. "Visualizing special relativity with GPU-based parallel computing" by Hugh Owens
  18. "Phase dynamics and synchronization of delay-coupled optoelectronic oscillators" by Cristian Panda
  19. "Comparison of the structure and energies of psoralen-DNA adducts" by Alexander Reid
  20. "The spectroelectrochemistry of copper doped zinc selenide quantum dots" by Neal Reynolds
  21. "The search for secularly evolved offset bars using the Spitzer survey of stellar structure in galaxies" by Alexa Ross
  22. "Cerenkov radiation from beta decay" by Ahmad Shabbar
  23. "Killing Schrodinger's cat: the effect of entanglement on interference visibility" by Casey Yazejian
  24. "Tight-binding calculations in corrugated graphene" by Sina Zeytinoglu


  1. "Reconstructing dark matter distributions using weak gravitational lensing" by Bela Abolfathi
  2. "Relativistic springs" by Dylan P. Clark 
  3. "The implications of the lack of pulsar-orbiting planets on pre-supernova planetary orbital distributions" by Aaron Deich
  4. "The two-dimensional hydrogran atom" by Todd S. Garon
  5. "Observations on a new cataclysmic variable candidate" by Maria Manuela Gomez
  6. "Neutronen" by Edouard A. Hay
  7. "On first absorption peak excitation in colloidal quantum dots" by Max G. Jacobs
  8. "Relativistic direct interaction electrodynamics: theory and computation" by Colin LaMont
  9. "The enhancement of flux pinning in YBCO superconductors using fast neutron irradiation" by May-Ling M. Li
  10. "Resonance of magnetically coupled oscillators for wireless power through a negative index metamaterial (NIM)" by Kyle Lu
  11. "An experimental investigation of the inverse magnus effect for smooth objects" by Javed W. D. Parkes
  12. Avian acoustic communication: the ground effect" by Maggie Lee Post
  13. "A Reggeized model for "n" meson production in high energy proton/proton collisions" by Adarsh Pyarelal
  14. "Parkour : a study of efficient human movement" by Jeremy Silver
  15. "Good vibrations : a visual exploration of faraday waves" by Alison M. Saunders
  16. "Energy spectrum characterization of the Reed research reactor neutron beam" by Moriah N. Tobin
  17. "Characterizing doubly-special relativistic models with energy-independent metrics" by Wally J. Wissner
  18. "An introduction to stellar gravitohydrodynamics" by MacKenzie Warren


  1. "Noise reduction and higher order moment analysis in weak gravitational lensing" by Sophie S Berkman
  2. "Lightcurve analysis of asteroids 43 Ariadne, 2001 Einstein, and 3086 Kalbaugh" by Rose A Cottingham
  3. "Irreversible cohesion in models of fatigue:  a numerical investigation" by Robert E Friel
  4. "The dependence of the radius of the circular hydraulic jump on the substrate" by Andrew P Hammond
  5. "The dynamics of delay coupled optoelectronic devices" by Gregory W Hoth
  6. "Probing the hydration-dependent structure of an antisense cligonucleotide by Fourier transform infrared spectroscopy" by Mohammad Y Karim
  7. "Exploration of extra-solar planet properties" by Ryan M Lau
  8. "Measuring Boltzmann’s constant through automated video tracking of Brownian motion" by Reuven Z Lazarus
  9. "Computational analysis of protein structures:  data visualization, vector quantization and spectral clustering" by Kevin J Lynagh
  10. "On the neutralization of charged black holes" by Frank W Morton-Park
  11. "Accretion disk geodesics in extreme Kerr geometries" by Carl L Rodriquez
  12. "Active Modelocking of an open-cavity helium-neon laser" by Rebekah W Spencer
  13. "Perturbation theory for projected states" by Laurel E Stephenson Haskins
  14. "Functional determinants in the path integral formalism" by Justin J Sumner
  15. "Hardy’s test of local realism" by Peter E Wills


  1. "Anomalous diffusion, fractional calculus, and random walks" by Michael C Allard
  2. "Hidden momentum" by Robin Bjorkquist
  3. "Numerical calculations of charge distributions on conductors" by Steven T Case
  4. "Trajectories in the hydrodynamic formulation of quantum mechanics : a computational and theoretical investigation" by Thomas M Chartrand
  5. "Using weak gravitational lensing to find dark matter distributions" by Maria Cuellar
  6. "The effect of inorganic shell growth on exciton recombination rates in CdSe quantum dots" by by Dan Eichelsdoerfer
  7. "Chaotic waterwheel" by Rachel Frost Fordyce
  8. "Dynamics of a nonlinear string : the Fermi-Pasta-Ulam-Tsingou problem revisited" by Laura N Freeman
  9. "Simulating quantum computational algorithms in Mathematica" by Alexander Gurfinkel
  10. "Polarized total internal reflection fluorescence microscopy" by Tristan T Hormel
  11. "Quantum walks on graphs" by Matthew Lionel Jemielita
  12. "Vibrational spectroscopy of the clathrin hub" by Ryan Loney
  13. "Monochromatic plane waves in a corrugated tube system" by Cody R Myers
  14. "Self-force in classical electrodynamics : recent developments in particle models and the Landau-Lifshitz equation" by Thomas Chapman Proctor
  15. "Quantum frustration on the hyper-kagome lattice" by James Dustan Stokes
  16. "Quantum eraser" by Nava Suryawan
  17. "Teaching computers prejudice : applications of speech recognition systems to sociolinguistics" by Kristen M Vaccaro


  1. "A brief study in thermoacoustic cooling" by Drew Atwater
  2. "Quantum mechanics of the ellipse" by Michael Chaffin
  3. "Rotational dynamics of spinning rings: the Gyro-Ring" by Kassondera C Dallavis
  4. "Two anyon oscillator in a time-dependent potential" by Asher W Davidson
  5. "Modified electrodynamics: fixing relativistic field theories" by Michael Flashman
  6. "A study of the "B+" meson decay to [omega][rho+]" by by Jacob D Gilman
  7. "N-body simulations in a binary field" by Jordan D Hilton
  8. "Separability of the Kerr geodesic Hamilton-Jacobi equation" by Juliet Hougland
  9. "Hovercrafts and liquid rafts: extensions of the Leidenfrost ratchet effect" by Cindy Joe
  10. "Wireless transfer of energy through coupled magnetic resonance" by Max C Klein
  11. "Quadrupole traps" by Christopher Knowlton
  12. "The Mpemba mystery" by Tina Huong Le
  13. "Parametric resonance in systems of vertically driven pendulums" by Eric Lindsey
  14. "Feedback, synchronization, and communication in chaotic time-delay opto-electronic feedback circuits" by Christopher J May
  15. "Bioconvection: the effect of density on wavelength" by Erin J McCowen
  16. "Re-searching galactic structure with Reed's radio telescope" by Grant David Meadors
  17. "Classical analysis of algebraically solvable quantum mechanical potentials" by Thomas Mosier
  18. "Weak gravitational lensing : an astrophysical tool for probing quadrupole and sextupole moments" by Marcus Kwasi Adu Peprah
  19. "Quantum mechanical hoo-hah: finding criteria for bound states in quantum mechanics" by Evan Pierce
  20. "Pyrometric determination of the temperature coefficient of resistance [alpha] of tungsten : an application of the blackbody spectrum" by Benjamin D W Rhiger
  21. "Laplacian growth: how mistaken are we by calling it DLA?" by Veronica Guadalupe Vergara Larrea
  22. "Dense diffusion limited aggregation" by Caitlin Whalen
  23. "From Brownian motion in the stock market to stochastic option pricing models : a theoretical investigation" by Tolga S Yilmaz
  24. "Normalizing the most likely trajectory connecting local minima" by David M Znameroski


  1. "Orbit determination of binary stars from radial velocity measurements" by Heidi Elise Brooks
  2. "Quantifying entanglement" by Julia M Keller
  3. "Single molecule detection using total internal reflection fluorescence microscopy" by Dewey J Kim
  4. "The physics of curtains : minimal energy states of elastic sheets in a gravitational field" by Stanislav Kounitski
  5. "Dynamics of doubly special relativity" by Toms Kreicbergs
  6. "Weak gravitational lensing : investigations of a model for mapping galactic images in the presence of dark matter" by Maunta Manandhar
  7. "Probing conformational changes of streptococcal cell adhesion regulator (ScaR) protein : a ¹⁹F NMR study" by Derek Oldridge
  8. "A realistic model of elastic vibrations" by Andrew N Rhines
  9. "On the dynamics of coupled particle systems with a periodic pair potential" by Amory B Schlender
  10. "An investigation of optically excited semiconductor quantum dots using a numerical Hamiltonian diagonalization method" by Zachary Masao Schultz
  11. "The Grangier experiment: experimental evidence of the quantization of light" by Dashiell Vitullo
  12. "The Mpemba effect: a thermodynamic paradox, or, why hell may freeze over sooner than you think" by Craig F Wagner


  1. "Calculating depolarization ratios for resonance raman scattering by octahedral molecules" by Nicole Carol Mei Lin Adelstein
  2. "Modifying the Abraham-Lorentz-Dirac equation for a point charge" by Andre M Bach
  3. "Electrodynamics and an investigation of weak field kerr geometry" by Paul T Baker
  4. "Quantum mechanics of the electric dipole potential" by Kevin T Connolly
  5. "Spatial frequencies of natural scene stimuli determine the response functions in LIF model neurons" by Matthew L Davidson
  6. "A computational model of combustion reactions toward MBT calculation of the internal combustion engine" by David P de Regt
  7. "The Feynman spaghetti problem" by Oren M Elrad
  8. "Characterizing the acoustics of the Eliot Hall Chapel" by Elizabeth A Hopkins
  9. "Surface phenomena in ferrohydrodynamics" by David S Katz
  10. "Constructing a magneto-optical trap" by Beverly A Lau
  11. "Simultaneous measurement of conjugate observables" by Ingrid A V Olson
  12. "Three-state L-configuration electromagnetically induced transparency in room temperature rubidium" by Timothy J Pennycook
  13. "Self-adjoint extensions and quantum mechanics" by Darren J Platt
  14. "Gyroscopically coupled mechanical oscillators" by Roger B Scott
  15. "Colloidal synthesis and optical characterization of monodisperse CdSe semiconductor quantum dots" by Jason R Seifter
  16. "Optical tweezers: accuracy and automation" by David Williams


  1. "Modeling and moment analysis of gravitational lensing" by Loren R Bruns Jr
  2. "Computational study of quantum chaos" by Lucas S P Carlson
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