Physics Department

Johnny Powell | Publications

(Names in boldface indicate undergraduate students at that time)

0) Neural biological physics: theory of fusion pore formation

P. Luitel, D. F. Schroeter, and J. W. Powell, "Self-electroporation as Model for Fusion Pore Formation," J. Biomole. Str. Dynam. 24 495 - 503 (2007).

1) Solvent interactions of antisense ODNs

A. P. White, K. K. Reeves, E. Snyder, J. Farrell, J. W. Powell, V. Mohan, R. H. Griffey, H. Sasmor, "Hydration of DNA: FTIR studies of single-stranded phosphodiester and phosphorothioate oligonucleotides," Nuc. Acid Res. 24 3261 - 3266 (1995).

2) Hydration of triple helices

A. P. White and J. W. Powell, "Observation of the hydration-dependent conformation of the GGC oligonucleotide triplex using FTIR spectroscopy," Biochemistry 34 1137 - 1142 (1195). Accelerated manuscript. State-of-the-Art Computational Molecular Biophysics

Y. Z. Chen, J. W. Powell, and E. W. Prohofsky, ``Calculation of normal modes and dynamical stability of DNA triplex Poly(dA)$\cdot$2Poly(dT): S-type structure is more stable and in better agreement with observations in solution,'' Accepted by {\it Biophysical J.} Dec. 1996.

3) Raman microspectroscopy

W. L. Peticolas, T. W. Patapoff, G. A. Thomas, J. Postlewait, J. W. Powell, ``Laser Raman Microscopy of chromosomes in living eukaryotic cells: DNA polymorphism in vivo," J. Raman Spect. 27 571 - 578 (1996).

4) DNA-Drug interactions

D. F. Schroeter, J. W. Powell,and S. A. Lee, "Hydration study of DNA-daunomycin in the IR,"in Frontier in Biological Physics, Ed. V. Stefan, (AIP Press, 1996).

S. A. Lee, B. Sclavi, J. W. Powell, and W. Willianson, W. III, "Raman and infrared study of the vibrationaldynamics of the netropsin-DNA complex," Phys. Rev. E 48 2240 - 2245 (1993).

5) Hyaluronic Acid

S. A. Lee, L. C. Myers, J. W. Powell, T. Suleski, and A. Rupprecht, "Raman and infrared studies of wet-spun films of Na-hyaluronate" J. Biomole. Struct. Dynams., 11, 191 - 202 (1993).

6) Quadruplex polynucleotides

A. Messinger, T. Weidlich, J. W. Powell, and L. Genzel,, "Far-Infrared study of the vibrational modes of 5'-GMP gels and crystals of Na+ and K+," J. Biomole. Struct. Dynams., 10, 841 - 852 (1993).