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Private Instruction

Piano practice in Prexy

Private lessons are available in all orchestral instruments, guitar, harpsichord, piano, voice as well as jazz and some ethnic instruments. Students of all levels are encouraged to study privately at Reed.

Registering for lessons is a two step process:

1. Register for lessons, MUS 101, the way you would any other class.

2. Complete the MUSIC SCHEDULE FORM.

Fees for private instruction are $630/semester for 12 45 minute lessons OR 9 60 minute lessons. Scholarship aid is available where appropriate. Please check the box on the music schedule form indicating  a scholarship is needed.  Private instruction fees are waived for junior and senior music majors.

Private Music Instructors

Instructors of other instruments are added to the staff as need arises.

Lynn Harrell masterclass
Lynn Harrell masterclass


How do I register for private lessons?
See above.

Can I take lessons if I am a beginner?
All students are welcome to study voice or instruments with a private teacher. We welcome beginners!

Can I register for lessons or an ensemble if I'm also registered for 4.5 credits?
If you wish to avoid an overload, lessons can be taken for 0 credit.

How do I apply for financial aid for lessons?
Financial aid for private study is available where appropriate. Please contact Monica Ohuchi (, PAB 147, ext. 7472) to be placed on the scholarship request list. Scholarships are awarded the first week of the semester.

How can I access the practice rooms?
Practice Suite permission is granted to students actively enrolled in music lessons, ensembles, or by special permission. The practice suite is open from 7am-12am daily.  Violation of Practice Suite agreements will result in swipe access removal.   

Does the music department have instruments to loan?
Yes, we have a variety of instruments that can be loaned to students who are in the orchestra or who are taking lessons. Please contact Monica Ohuchi for more information.

Where can I store my instrument?
Lockers are located on the 3rd floor of the PAB. Large instruments and amplifiers can be stored in large storage rooms. Contact Monica Ohuchi for lockers or keys to storage rooms.