Music Department

Louis and Annette Kaufman Music Achievement Award

The Kaufman Music Achievement Award supports excellence in music performance at Reed. The Award is available by audition to outstanding student musicians regardless of major and will be awarded with a first preference to students of violin or piano.  All instrumentalists and vocalists will be considered.

Recipients of the Award, known as Kaufman Fellows, will receive free music lessons for a year, and the award may be renewed for up to four years.

Kaufman Fellows:

Class of 2021 - Peter Marcus

Class of 2022 - Leila Sinclair

Class of 2023 - Xinlong Du

Class of 2024 - Rachel Modlin 

Class of 2025 - Miranda Newman and Lucas Walker

Class of 2026 - Raquel Matthews


All first year students who play a musical instrument or sing will be eligible to audition. 


2023-2024 audition: Wednesday, Jan 31 5-7pm, Chapel 
Application Deadline: January 21, 2024

Audition requirements: 

  • Two contrasting pieces— memorization not required.  Auditions will be held the first week of classes Spring 2023 for first year students, date and time TBD. 
  • Letter of recommendation from a music professional (present or former teacher) 
  • Personal statement: Describe how/why receiving this scholarship would benefit your musical growth 
Deadline to send supporting materials to Monica Ohuchi: Monday, January 23, 2023