Music Department

Music Performance Credit

All students participating in music performance (Music 101, 104, 105, 107, 108, 109) must register for the course through SOLAR, or with a completed drop/add form during the first two weeks of each semester. These courses are graded Credit/No Credit and carry variable unit credit: one-half credit or zero credit for one semester.

MUS 101 FNC – 0.0 credit
MUS 101 FCR – 0.5 credit

Pre and co-requisites

To qualify for academic credit, students must have taken or be currently enrolled in a one-unit course at level 111 or above at Reed. The only exception is Orchestra, MUS 104. For each unit at 111 or above, students can receive two half-units of credit for a music performance course, one-half unit per semester. If the co-requisite course is dropped, the credit for music performance will be relinquished and the performance course continued for zero credit.

Unit Limits

No more than one-half unit may be taken for credit each semester. There is no limit to the number of performance courses that may be taken for zero credit. No more than two units may be earned for the same music performance course.

Degree credit

Music performance units apply toward the quantity requirement of 30 units for graduation, but not toward the Group A or Group X requirements.