Music Department

Nat Hulskamp

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Flamenco Guitar

Nat began studying flamenco guitar with José Solano in 1993, eventually working alongside him, accompanying singers and dancers. He continued to dedicate his career to flamenco by studying in Spain with the top flamenco guitarists of today, including Diego del Morao, Manuel Parrilla, Antonio Rey, Pepe del Morao, Jesús Guerrero, José Antonio Rodríguez, Manuel Valencia, Santiago Lara and Dani de Morón. His interest in the early roots of flamenco and Andalusian music led him to study oud in Morocco. After returning to the US, he moved to Seattle to study ethnomusicology at the University of Washington. There, he continued his study of flamenco guitar with Marcos Carmona and eventually began working in his group, Carmona Flamenco, as well as The Rez Quartet and others ranging in style from traditional flamenco dance accompaniment to jazz/flamenco fusion. In 2000 he co-founded the Vancouver, BC based Arabic/flamenco group Aire with ney player and singer Emad Armoush. He now resides in Portland, performing and composing with Seffarine, a flamenco ensemble that Nat co-founded with his wife, Moroccan vocalist Lamiae Naki.

Nat received a grant from the Regional Arts and Culture Council to travel to Jerez de la Frontera, Spain to record a collaboration between his group, Seffarine and several living legends of flamenco, including Diego del Morao, Tomasa La Macanita and Luís de Perikín. The record placed in several top world music charts internationally and led to other flamenco recording collaborations, most recently with the renowned flamenco/jazz group LaBejazz in Marchena, Spain and virtuoso flamenco guitarist Antonio Rey. Nat now resides in Portland, composing and performing with Seffarine.

Nat's flamenco lessons are based on years of working professionally as a flamenco guitarist in performances ranging from traditional “cuadros” with flamenco singers and dancers, to contemporary instrumental groups and solo performance.