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As a capstone project, every graduate of Reed College completes a thesis in their senior year. Here seniors can find instructions and resources for completing a mathematical thesis. Anyone can also find a list of thesis projects from Math & Stats from the last couple of decades. Jump to past thesis projects.

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Past Thesis Projects


Zach Barbanell (Computer Science-Mathematics)
Optimizing Gadgets for Fully Homomorphic Encryption

Scott Blair (Mathematics)
A Taste of Differential Field Theory

Wolfgang Brightenburg (Mathematics with a concentration in Statistics)
On Estimating the Number of Clusters: Mind the Gap!

Kellen Brosnahan (Mathematics)
Representation Theory, Schur-Weyl Duality, and the Partition Algebra

Jesse Cao (Mathematics-Physics)
Classical Jackiw-Teitelboim Gravity: Towards Quantization

Victor Chen (Mathematics)
The Impact of Schools on Traffic Congestion: A Case Study in California K-12 Public Schools

Malen Cuteric (Mathematics with a concentration in Statistics)
MAUPing Up: An Empirical Analysis of Error Rates in Dasymetric Mapping

Zack Dooley (Mathematics)
A Survey of Categorification: Towards Categorical Algebra and Higher Categories

Jacob Finkelstein (Mathematics)
An Accessible Proof of the Prime Number Theorem

Ilana Frey-Kim (Computer Science-Mathematics)
Simplicial Homology Computation Using Discrete Morse Theory

Roscoe Haynie (Computer Science-Mathematics)
A Zero-Knowledge Proof for Norinori

Bhavjot Khurana (Mathematics with a concentration in Statistics)
Supervised Machine Learning to Predict Student Proficiency in Oregon Public Schools

Hannah Kuder (Mathematics-Physics)
The Beesis

Anna Luce (Mathematics)
The CW Decomposition of the Grassmannian Manifold

Oliver Mansbach (Mathematics)
Persisting Through The Convexity: Convex Modules for the Commutative

Olivia McGough (Mathematics)
Persistent Homology and Applications to Graph Data

Keith Ng (Computer Science-Mathematics)
Building To The Third Story: An AI To Play Santorini

Sean O'Donnell (Mathematics)
Primes in Extensions and Expressions via Binary Quadratic Forms

Blaze Okonogi-Neth (Mathematics)
An Introduction to Elliptic Curves, Modular Forms, and the Modularity Theorem

Rayn Samson (Mathematics-Physics)
Relativistic Ehrenfest Relations for Klein-Gordon Fields

Sol Skinner (Mathematics with a concentration in Statistics)
Making Sense of Making Sense of Sensitivity

Monroe Stephenson (Mathematics)
Kazhdan-Lusztig Polynomials of Matroids

Josh Yamamoto (Mathematics with a concentration in Statistics)
A Bayesian Approach to Zero-Inflation Modeling

Larry Zeng (Computer Science-Mathematics)
Exploring Noninterference in Programming Languages: A Study of Simple Dependency Core Calculus and Logical Relations

Daniel Zou (Computer Science-Mathematics)
Differentially Private Weighted Linear Regression


Emmanuel Arthur (Computer Science-Mathematics)
The Stable Roommates Problem With Globally-Ranked Pairs

Alice Barker (Mathematics)
Representations of sl2(C) and Connection to Temperley-Lieb Diagrams

Cruz Barnum (Computer Science-Mathematics)
Indistinguishability Obfuscation From the Ground Up

Erik Beserra (Mathematics)
Khovanov Homology: Putting Pants on Knots

Ian Cates-Doglio (Mathematics with a concentration in Statistics)
Snow Avalanche Predictions by Ensemble Modeling

Harry Chen (Mathematics)
Metric Balls and Infinitely Degenerate Elliptic PDEs

Peter Chen (Mathematics)
Mask, Vaccine and Covid

Tyler Dunaisky (Mathematics)
Dynamics of Quadratic Rational Maps with Maximal Automorphism Group

Rylie Foster (Computer Science-Mathematics)
An Introduction to Data-Driven Modal Analysis

Catherine Gong (Mathematics) 
Group Actions in Music Theory

Evan Griggs (Mathematics)
Cyclic Cones & Non-singular Refinements of Cyclic Fans

Alex Hsu (Mathematics)
A Gentle Introduction to Homotopy Type Theory

Thomas Kelleher (Mathematics)
An Operad-Theoretic Exploration of the Coherence Theorem for Monoidal Categories

Josh Klein Valente (Computer Science-Mathematics)
An Introduction to Elliptic Curves and Applications in Cryptography

Tunç Başar Köse (Computer Science-Mathematics)
Approximate Message Passing for Principal Component Analysis: Theory and Practice

Jay Kruer (Computer Science-Mathematics)
The Way of Glue: An Invitation to the Categorical Semantics of Lambda Calculi

Sarah Kumar (Mathematics)
Understanding Lie Algebras : An Alternate Perspective on Weyl's Theorem

Harpeth Lee (Mathematics with a concentration in Statistics)
A Comparison of Data-Driven Partial Least Squares to Existing Partial Least Squares Models

Henry Lindeman (Computer Science-Mathematics)
Normal Attention : A Novel Self-Attention Linearization Strategy for Abstractive Summarization of Long Documents

Daniel McFadden (Mathematics-Physics)
Star Formation Quenching in Centaurus A

Paul Nguyen (Mathematics with a concentration in Statistics)
Inference for Random Forests

Jasmine Peng (Mathematics-Economics)
Foreign Direct Investment and Earnings in China

Elizabeth Prestegaard (Mathematics)
The Lattice of Alexandrov Topologies

Evan Pugh (Mathematics with a concentration in Statistics)
Analyzing the Impact of Vaccinations, Government Policy and Other Factors on the COVID-19 Pandemic

Holden Saberhagen (Mathematics-Physics)
Modeling the Integer Quantum Hall Effect

Daksh Shami (Computer Science-Mathematics)
Exploration of the Hidden Subgroup Problem

Jakob Shimer (Computer Science-Mathematics)
CNF Reduction in Weighted Model Counting

Sharon Wang (Mathematics)
Kasteleyn's Tiling Theorem Using Complex Weights

George Zhao (Mathematics)
A Construction of the Derived Category and Derived Functors


Shisham Adhikari (Mathematics-Economics)
Inequality in Ramsey Growth Model with Heterogeneous Rates of Return: Are rich getting higher returns on investment than poor?

Francis Baer (Mathematics)
Adams Spectral Sequence Computations of BP<1> cooperations at Odd Primes

Ryen Burris (Mathematics-Physics)
Modelling Vibration of Membranes Under Non-Uniform Tension

Reilly Cannon (Computer Science-Mathematics)
Differential Privacy: the Gap Statistic and the Mapper Algorithm

Nicholas Cecil (Mathematics)
Nets, Filters, and Convergence

Simon Couch (Mathematics with a concentration in Statistics)
Tidy Model Stacking with R

Luke Doms (Mathematics)
A Geometric Interpretation of the Coefficients of the Standard Simplex's Ehrhart Polynomial

Evan Franchere (Mathematics)
Trust the Cones: Computing Diagonal Cartier Algebras of Affine Toric Varieties

Zhengyao Gu (Computer Science-Mathematics)
Selective Prediction: Training and Evaluation Methods

Usman Hafeez (Mathematics)
A^1 Milnor Numbers

Brenham Hooper (Mathematics with a concentration in Statistics)
Classifying Types of Young Stars Using Supervised Machine Learning

Albert Ji (Computer Science-Mathematics)
Universal Approximation and Interpolation in Neural Networks

Théo Lavier (Mathematics-Physics)
A First Look at Rate Induced Tipping

Jiarong Li (Computer Science-Mathematics)
Complex Network Comparison using Graphlets

Jonathan Li (Mathematics-Economics)
Simulating Repeated Coalition Formation under Uncertainty

Yilin Li (Computer Science-Mathematics)
What If English Had No Spaces? Investigating the Challenges of NLP for Character-Based Languages

Sarah Maebius (Mathematics with a concentration in Statistics)
Statistical Learning Methods for Tree Classification using Remote Sensing Imagery

Peter Marcus (Mathematics)
Computing the Henselization of a Valued Field

Kiki McBride (Mathematics)
Klein Has Me in Stitches! (An Exploration of Mathematical Constructions of the Klein Quartic and Creation of Analogous Crochet Models)

Alan Moore (Mathematics with a concentration in Statistics)
Inference on Latent Structure Random Graphs: Context, Theory and Applications

Weihang Qin (Computer Science-Mathematics)
Raymarching Hyperbolic Geometry

Bijay Rai (Mathematics-Economics)
On Track: Access to Improved Road Network and Poverty Alleviation in Mid and Far Western Nepal

William Ren (Mathematics-Economics)
Casino Revenue and Life Quality in Macau

Cleo Schaumann (Mathematics)
Young Tableaux, Schur Polynomials, and Crystals

Taylor Sedoo (Mathematics)
Exposing Chaos: Attracting Differences

Hrishee Shastri (Computer Science-Mathematics)
Cutting the Chord: Interleaved and Demand Aware Skip Graphs

Timothy Shinners (Mathematics with a concentration in Statistics)
Modelling Mount Rainier’s Volcanic Event Sequence

Aryeh Stahl (Computer Science-Mathematics)
A Generalized Approach to Graph De-anonymization

Ali Taqi (Mathematics with a concentration in Statistics)
Spectral Statistics of Random Matrices

Ian Wahbe (Computer Science-Mathematics)
Improvements to the Heuristic Rural Postman Problem

Daniel Wang (Mathematics)
Diagrammatic Algebras to Describe the Endomorphism Algebra of $\mathfrak{gl}_n$-Modules

Riley Waugh (Mathematics)
Regularity Theory of Degenerate Elliptic Partial Differential Equations

Grayson White (Mathematics with a concentration in Statistics)
A Hierarchical Bayesian Approach to Small Area Estimation of Forest Attributes

Olek Wojcik (Mathematics-Economics)
Higher Education Responses to COVID-19

Lucas Yong (Computer Science-Mathematics)
An Exploration of Topological Quantum Computation


Kayleigh Bangs (Mathematics-Philosophy)
This Thesis is Indeducible: Approaches for Justifying the Consistency of Peano Arithmetic After Gödel

Henry Blanchette (Computer Science-Mathematics)
Purity and effect

Naomi Boss (Mathematics with a concentration in Statistics)
Hindsight is 2020: Evaluating a Presidential Election Forecasting Model During a Global Pandemic

Maxine Calle (Mathematics)
Morse theory and flow categories

Nick Chaiyachakorn (Mathematics)
THREE EASY PIECES IN HARMONIC ANALYSIS Singular integrals, the Hardy space H1, and boundedness results

Lixuan Chen (Mathematics-Economics)
Is education finally paying-off in urban China? : evidence from 1989-2015

William Daniel (Mathematics-Economics)
Machine learning application in credit card fraud

Wenxin Du (Mathematics with a concentration in Statistics)
A close look at specification curve analysis and existing applications

Canyon Foot (Mathematics with a concentration in Statistics)
Graphical approaches to recovering distributions under selection bias and missing data

Iris Griffith (Mathematics with a concentration in Statistics)
Do androids dream of electric trees? : classifying and predicting forest attributes using deep neural network models

Collin Guo (Mathematics with a concentration in Statistics)
Linearizing quadratic stochastic processes for metagame mixing time analysis

Kaitlyn Hepp (Mathematics)
Rowmotion on Doppelgänger Pairs

Robert Irvin (Mathematics-Economics)
Simulating the price of anarchy in auctions

Claire Jellison (Mathematics-Economics)
Giving by the numbers : a study of peer effects with online crowdfunding

Zekican Kazan (Mathematics with a concentration in Statistics)
The longest increasing subsequence as a test statistic

Young Kim (Mathematics)
Resolutions of Rees algebras

Ryan Kobler (Mathematics-Economics)
Spatial effects and environmental hedonic valuation in Portland, Oregon

Mason Koch (Computer Science-Mathematics)
Reinforcement learning for Pokemon AI

Noah Koster (Computer Science-Mathematics)
Neuronal Dynamics of the Action Potential: Spiking Behavior in the FitzHugh-Nagumo Model and others

Ryan Neumann (Computer Science-Mathematics)
An exploration of reinforcement learning through video games

Shulav Neupane (Mathematics-Economics)
Citation and collaboration behavior at the university level in agricultural sciences

Jiajing Peng (Mathematics-Economics)
Nonprofits as infrastructure for regional economic resilience : evidence from US metropolitan area during the great recession

Huaying Qiu (Mathematics with a concentration in Statistics)
Forest type classification in interior Alaska using G-LiHT data

Kaiyan Shi (Computer Science-Mathematics)
Investigation on 1D area law and XXZ model

David Tamas-Parris (Computer Science-Mathematics)
Elliptic Curves Aren't Secure? SIKE!

Lucas Williams (Mathematics)
How to do proof by picture and get away with it :the representation theory of quantum groups and connections to knot theory

Livia Xu (Mathematics)
Toppling ideals of M-matrices

Matthew Yancheff (Mathematics with a concentration in Statistics)
Statistical Inference on Brownian Motion with Drift

Anton Zavorotny (Mathematics)
Vassiliev knot invariants and the graph bialgebra of lando


Aiman Absar (Mathematics-Economics)
Revealing Anomalies in Behavior of Rational Agents: Applying Game Theory to Behavioral Economics

Sean Allen (Mathematics-Physics)
Reservoir Computing: Observing the Baker's Map

Edwin Alvarado (Mathematics-Economics)
Impact of Fast Fashion on Welfare in Developing Countries

Edsel Arce (Mathematics with a concentration in Statistics)
Klaytheism, Competition, Free Throws

Matthew Atteberry (Computer Science)
Reinforcement Learning: An Overview

Miles Baker (Computer Science)
Don't Point Yourself Into a Corner: Using Static Analysis to Prevent Memory Leaks in C

Kyu Cho (Mathematics)
Integer programming methods and the fleet assignment problem

J.R. Cruise (Mathematics-Physics)
An Exploration in Perturbation: Asymptotic Ailments to Quantum Consternation

Zichen Cui
An Introduction to Topological Complexity

Theodore Dounias (Political Science-Mathematics)
Turnout and Mail Voting in Colorado or: How I Learned to Stop Worrying and Love Voter Registration Files

Tanmay Dubey (Computer Science-Mathematics)
Latent Dirichlet Allocation: an Application to Computer Systems Conference Papers

Ira Globus-Harris (Computer Science-Mathematics)
Differentially Private One-Way Analysis of Variance

Ethan Gordon (Mathematics-Economics)
Tragedy of the Common (Application)s: A Mechanism-Design Approach to College Admissions in the United States

Dylan Huff (Computer Science)
PowerPoint Natively on the Web, a Java PPTX Extension

Emmett Kahn (Computer Science)
DNA Compression Using Machine Learning

Michael Kalange (Computer Science-Mathematics)
Embed With the Entropy: Applying Word2Vec to Lossless Text Compression

Rhody Kaner (Computer Science)
Gender Representation in Computer Science

Jay Lee (Mathematics with a concentration in Statistics)
From Interpolation to Imputation: Ballot Completion in a Ranked Choice Election

Alexander Lloyd-Damnjanovic (Mathematics with a concentration in Statistics)
Kronecker Sequences and Persistent Homology

Nathaniel McFadden (Mathematics-Physics)
Exact Solutions of Spin Chains

Joseph Meyer (Mathematics)
Generating free verse poetry with transformer networks

Alexander Moore (Mathematics with a concentration in Statistics)
Mean Estimation via Neural Network Methods in Complex Survey Imputation

Ananthan Nambiar (Computer Science)
Computing the Language of Life

Nicole Niesen
Quadratic and Biquadratic Reciprocity

Caroline Padula
Surprising Facts About the Thue-Morse Sequence

Asher Payton (Mathematics-Physics)
A simple bound state

Richard Pham (Computer Science-Mathematics)
Graph reconfiguration in the context of permutation routing

Pallavi Prakash
Rational Periodic Points of Quadratic Maps: An Exploration Through Rational Parameterizations of the Dynatomic Polynomials

Jeremy Rachels (Mathematics)
Moduli spaces of polarized abelian varieties and the paramodular group

Angelica Richardson (Computer Science-Mathematics)
Composing Cellular Automata for Modeling n-Component Reaction Diffusion Systems

Miranda Rintoul (Mathematics with a concentration in Statistics)
Multinomial Logistic Regression for Natural Language Processing

Alec Stashevsky (Mathematics-Economics)
Domestic Remittance in China: Rural - Urban Migration's Train of Inequality

Marika Swanberg (Computer Science-Mathematics)
Noisy Quantum Oracles: A Study of Algorithmic Robustness

Lana Tollas (Mathematics-Economics)
Airport Capacity and Airline Delays: A Quantitative Analysis

Torin Woods-Eliot 
The Type A Cluster Algebra and Catalan Combinatorics

Hayden Veytia (Mathematics)
An encyclopedia of infinitely nested square roots

Yifan Wu (Mathematics-Economics)
Can I Remain a Unicorn: An Analysis of the IPO Decision in Tech Industry

Tristan Wylde-Larue 
On the Quantum Base Size of a Group

Caroline Yearwood 
The Dual Steenrod Algebra and Graph Theory

Jialun Zhao (Mathematics-Physics)
The AdS3

Ziyuan Zhong (Mathematics with a concentration in Computer Science)
Combined Program, Columbia University

Yevgeniya Zhukova
Cobordism Hypothesis: Macaroni as Mathematics

Jalan Ziyad (Computer Science-Physics)
Quantum Search in the Face of Decoherence: Insights From Histories Approach


Meaza Abate (Computer Science-Mathematics) 
A runtime system and translator for a concurrent language

Revant Bagaria (Computer Science-Mathematics)
An exploration of textual similarity in academic literature on computer systems

Langston Barrett (Computer Science-Mathematics)
Deriving coinductive types in univalent type theory

Skye Binegar
A mean bean machine : Ehrhart Theory and cyclic polytopes

Benjamin Black (Computer Science-Mathematics)
Efficient parallelism detection for heterogeneous computing

Zachary Campbell
The Hungarian algorithm and the primal-dual method

Kealyssa Castillo-Martin (Computer Science-Mathematics)
Bridging natural language and logic automatically : from formal grammars to SMT solvers

Yuen Hei Kammy Chiu (Mathematics-Economics)
An examination of the determinants of voluntary national contribution towards climate change mitigation

Trenton Freeman (Computer Science)
Memory consistency in the internet of things : is that lock really locked? 

Alexander Grant (Computer Science-Mathematics)
3D sandpiles and efficient computation of the circular sandpile

Christopher Henn
The modular flow in three homeomorphic spaces

Andie Hoshijo (Computer Science)
Solving fuzzy-logic problems with SMT solvers : or, How rice cookers relate to happy roommates

Palak Jain (Computer Science-Mathematics)
Oblivious data structures

Seerat Jhajj (Mathematics-Economics)
Determinants and policy implications of bilateral FDI flows : evidence from emerging economics in 2001-2012

Jesse Kim
Divisor theory of simplicial complexes 

Alisa Kwok (Mathematics with a concentration in Computer Science)
Algorithmic approaches to the fold-and-cut problem in origami

Boyuan Li (Mathematics-Economics)
How do natural disasters affect household saving decisions? : evidence from rural china

Mitchell Linegar (Mathematics-Economics)
Not just talking heads : analyzing the dynamics of rhetorical competition in the 2016 presidential election

Sage Michaels (Computer Science-Mathematics)
Functional encryption and indistinguishability obfuscation 

Emily Palmer (Mathematics with a concentration in Statistics)
A musical stylometry study on works by Fanny Hansel and Felix Mendelssohn

Aja Procita (Mathematics-Physics)
The D-parameter in the soft & collinear limit

Sarah Racz (Mathematics-Physics)
Vector cosmic strings

Kaelyn Rosenberg (Mathematics with a concentration in Statistics)
Exploring data quality in 2016 U.S. presidential election polls

Mark Schultz (Computer Science-Mathematics)
Homomorphism attacks on R-LWE : one hardness assumption to rule them all

Ma_tya_s Szabo (Mathematics-Physics)
A GPU parallel implementation of the Ising model

Emerson Hikari Webb (Mathematics with a concentration in Statistics)
Added variable plot importance and joint added plot importance measures for random forests

Eric N. Whittier
NeuroCompress : text compression using long short-term memory networks

Kevin Wong (Mathematics with a concentration in Statistics)
Regularized Lasso-Cox proportional hazards model for survival analysis

Samuel Wronoski
On the seventeen plane symmetry groups

Helen Zhang (Mathematics-Physics)
Redefining nucleons : renormalizing the creation operator


Taylor Whitney Allen
Subgame Perfect Rational Secret Sharing
Cole Charles Campton
Equivalence of Discrete Configuration Space Models
Carolyn Stadden Cole (Mathematics-Economics)
Straight to the Source: The Economics of Human Trafficking
Muldrow Doskey Etheredge (Mathematics-Physics)
Electrodynamics on Smooth Pseudo-Riemannian Manifolds
Lucian Florin Feier (Mathematics-Economics)
A knowledge-based approach to Disconnect Three
Cameron Alexander Fish (Mathematics with a concentration in Computer Science)
A GPU approach to the Abelian sandpile model
Nicholas William Philip Franzese (Mathematics-Biology)
Examining the Practicality of Shortest Hyperpaths for Signaling Pathway Analysis: The Cheating Hyperpath Algorithm as an Alternative Approach
Rik Ghosh
Parametric Curve Fitting and Vector Graphics
Forrest Emerson Glebe
Pushing the Limit
Anders Hahnemann (Mathematics-Economics)
Factors Predicting Job Integration for Refugees
Samuel Martin Johnston
Cohomological Lego Bricks: Group Cohomology in Higher Category and Simplicial Theory
Christopher Charles Keane
The Brauer-Manin Obstruction for K3 Surfaces
Joewie J. Koh (Mathematics with a concentration in Computer Science)
Algorithms for the Computation of Delaunay Triangulations
Alec Richard Kosik (Mathematics with a concentration in Computer Science)
Semantic Parsing with Substructural Logics
Erik Osvaldo Lopez (Mathematics with a concentration in Computer Science)
Password Hash Functions
Yasmina Anne Dumont Marden
Block Clustering Using Adjacency Matrices
Ian Keith Morrison (Mathematics-Economics)
Examining the Impact of Transfer Payments on Investment Decisions
Benjamin Christopher Altmann Morrison (Mathematics-Physics)
Dread the Oracles, not Quantum Alone but Zero-Knowledge Too: Two Separations Between Quantum and Zero-Knowledge Classes
Jing Xian Ng (Mathematics-Economics)
Strategic Interaction in Estate And Inheritance Taxes among US States
Samuel David Olson (Mathematics-Economics)
A Big Data Analysis of Pokémon Battling
Aurora Marguerite LaBounty Owens
INFFOREST Variable Importance for Random Forests
Alexander C. Pan (Mathematics with a concentration in Computer Science)
Parallel Graph Algorithms
Helena Elizabeth Pedrotti (Mathematics-Economics)
Prenuptial Agreements and Their Implications for Wealth Inequality
Ricardo Gabriel Rojas-Echenique
The Dress Map over Local Fields
Edward Hutchinson Sand (Mathematics-Economics)
Attack of the Time Traveling Vultures: The Effect of Holdouts on Sovereign Default Negotiations
Benjamin Isaac Schloesser
Tensor Triangular Geometry, Derived Categories, and Schemes
Nicholas Edward Tydeman Solomon (Mathematics with a concentration in Statistics)
Local Dependence in Exponential Random Network Models
Diego Josue Sosa-Coba (Mathematics-Economics)
Measuring significant differences in entrepreneurial quality of Oregon businesses
Nicholas Bret Terry
Determining Restrictions on Potentially Friendly Numbers
Alicia Ruth Toshima (Mathematics-Economics)
Effect of Financial Aid Received on Undergraduate GPA
Vivian Tylinski
The Stationary Density and Threshold Density of Sandpiles
Sarah Jo Weinstein
Predicted Decay Ideal
Dylan Gunter Whitlow
Combined Program, University of Washington


Nathan Duncan
Heart of Zero-Knowledge

Jean Munyo Frey-Edwards
M-matrices and Chip-Firing

Joshua Gancher
Fully Homomorphic Encryption

Gregory Alex Ledger
Implementing Component-Based Garbled Circuits

Simran Mahtani
Network Analysis with Focus on Centrality

Emma Miller
A Quantum Walk on the Heisenberg Group

Alexandra Salem
Explanation and Simulation of the HHL Algorithm

Riley Thornton
Some Problems are Hard: Borel Complexity and C*-algebras

Reilly Villanueva
Analyzing Radiocarbon Data with Temporal Order Constraints

Qiaoyu Yang
Split Reactive Brownian Dynamics

Barney Potter (Mathematics-Biology)
Modeling Cell Signaling Networks with Prize-Collecting Subhypernetworks

Sarah Brauner (Mathematics-Economics)
A New Order of Things: The Structure of Partial Orders in the Face of Lower Bounds

Alexis Saul Chasin (Mathematics-Economics)
Auctions Speak Louder than Words: Application of Alternate Auction Criteria to Dynamic Tax Investment

Julia Welling Hofmann (Mathematics-Economics)
H2 Uh-Oh: A game-theoretic analysis of water quality trading

Taylor Holdaway (Mathematics-Economics)
The Effects of Drought on Non-Agricultural Output in the United States

Vladislav Mankov (Mathematics-Economics)
Distributional Implications of a Vehicle Miles Traveled Tax

Ahyan Panjwani (Mathematics-Economics)
Estimating the Impact of Commodity Market Shocks on Real Business Cycles Using Bayesian Methods

Dean K. Young (Mathematics-Economics)
Myopic Loss Aversion in Investment Behavior

Timoteo Delgado-Esbenshade (Mathematics-Physics)
Bound Orbits in Classical Electrodynamics

William Holdhusen (Mathematics-Physics)
First Quantization of the Radiation Reaction Force

Joseph Joe (Mathematics-Physics) 
256 Shades of Grey: Topological Analysis of the Gray-Scott Model Using Persistence Landscapes

Charles McIntyre (Mathematics-Physics)
Computing the Band Structure of InSb and CdTe Quantum Dots

Jeremy Cosel (Mathematics with a concentration in Computer Science)
Clean Up After Yourself: Implementing Garbage Collection

Joshua Hepworth (Mathematics with a concentration in Computer Science)
The States of Splendor: Searching Game Trees with Partial Information

Isabella Jorissen (Mathematics with a concentration in Computer Science)
Tiling the Heavens In special cases where 'the Heavens' is ℝ2

Liam Bowcock (Mathematics with a concentration in Statistics)
Aggregating Over Ordinal Scales Using the Sugeno Integral

Will Jones (Mathematics with a concentration in Statistics)
Multilevel Models and Missing Data Models for Crowdsourced Bicycle Route Ratings

Philip Stallworth (Mathematics with a concentration in Statistics)
A Cluster Model for K-Tree Samplings of a Spatial Point Process


Andrew Blount
Sequential Model-Based Optimization of Expensive Blackbox Functions –or- How to Do Well When You Don’t Know What You’re Doing

Madeline Brandt
Intersecting Hypergraphs and Decompositions of Complete Uniform Hypergraphs

Amah Orphelia Ellogne (Mathematics-Economics)
The effect of rainfall shocks on intimate partner violence against women

Susannah Glickman
The Character of an Optimal Query: An examination of queries in the dihedral hidden subgroup Problem

Galen Harrison
Differentially Private Statistics: Implementation and performance of PTR and objective perturbation methods.

Justin Katz
Eigenfunction decompositions of function spaces on various physical domains

Damon Melton
Jordan Canonical Forms of Commuting Nilpotent Matrices

Jacob Menick
The Discrete Wavelet Transform and Applications to Data Compression

Carl Proepper (Mathematics-Physics)
Generalized Statistical Techniques for Differentiating Dark Matter Models at the Large Hadron Collider

Robert Rennie
Toward a Minimal Finite for the Real Projective Plane

Zachary Stout
Lobachevsky, Poincaré, and Hyperbolic Geometry


Brett T. Beutell
To Bayes or not to Bayes : Markov chain Monte Carlo for approximation of the posterior distribution of Bayesian networks

Max L. Carpenter
Quasicrystalline combs in De Bruijn's generalized function space

Max F. Del Giudice
A simple case of the Siegel-Weil formula

Emma J. Furth
Hamiltonian cycle algorithms for square and triangular grid graphs

Jedediah B. Grabman
Two player zero-sum games

Blake David Hall
Classifying the hundred acre wood

Tessa Hoppenfeld
The structure of the Jacobian group of a graph

Austin W. Humphrey
Volume of SLn(Z)\SLn(R)

Mason Kennedy
Representation theory and the spherical Laplacian

Thomas J. LaMarre
Massively parallel computation with graphics processing units

Laura Lyman
Principal series of GL(2) over a finite field

Galen O'Sullivan
Counting on simplicial complexes

Yotam Reshef
Formalization and mathematical rigour

Andrew J. Roetker
The state of process calculi and concurrency

Elijah Van Wing
Present value under non-constant models of interest

Christopher Vittal
Non-unique factorization in rings of integer-valued polynomials

Mark Walth
Manifolds and maps : an introduction to cobordism

Andrew Warren
Nonstandard analysis is sometimes useful : several applications

Sofia D. Wright
Generating the superstable configurations of a graph via its acyclic orientations


Wyatt K. Alt
Enumeration of domino tilings on the projective grid graph

Jess Delaney
Markov chain monte carlo and the black-scholes formula

Michael J. George-Hallgren
Toward a category-theoretic construction of the adeles

Alden Jones
Time-varying risk premia and the euro : a state-space model

Michael Scott Kincaid
Is the euro optimal? : an examination of trade and cycles in Europe

Jacob S. Kopczynski
Pushy computing : complexity theory and the game abalone

Atsuya Kumano
Seeking unpredictability in deterministic systems : definitions of chaos in topological dynamics

Mikhail Lepilov
Quantum state discrimination of symmetric mixed states

Luis Edmund Maldonado
Generalizing the curry-howard isomorphism to classical logic

Andrew P. Malkin
A combinatorial game theoretic analysis of the impartial game of dots and boxes

Alex Perusse
The applications of the theory of representations in the natural sciences

Clara M. Redwood
Curving paper : a folding algorithm for origami ellipsoid patterns using curved crease couplets

Marcus P. Robinson
Critical groups of simplicial complexes

Darko Trifunovski
Computing the extreme core of siegel modular forms

Austin D. Young
The finite sums theorem : a topological approach


Skye Aaron
Exact solutions and L² differentiability

Gabriel Barello
Quantum field theory and general relativistic scattering from a massive central body

Michael Bedford
Set theory, the continuum hypothesis, and the axiom of choice

Matthew M. Carlson
Euclidian embedding of network location data : design and use

Ethan K Edwards
A (slightly) more general quantum algorithm for the multiplication of group elements

Nadir Hajouji
The semihull theorem for Siegel modular forms

Jay Harman
Two algorithms and a miracle

Samuel F. Hopkins
The quantum hidden subgroup problem for semidirect products of cyclic groups

Seth Just
Functions on the line

Ivan A. Malison
Graph algorithms on graphical processing units : the shortest path problem

Sara Natale
The multiple spherical pendulum

Noah C. C. Pfister
Vermont rainfall data and extreme value statistics

Justin T. Stewart
Randomness as fairness

Ryan Wall
A safari through algebraic geometry

Louis E. Webb
Poincaré's theorem and tessellations of the hyperbolic plane


Gavin Bell
Associated Primes Of A Modified Mayr-Meyer Ideal With N=1

Daniel R. Copeland
Quantum State Discrimination And Concept Learning

Reneé G. Dosick
Infinite Tessellations : A Proof And Applications Of The Extension Theorem

Laura Florescu
New Connections Between The Abelian Sandpile Model And Domino Tilings

Michael Samuel Gottesman
A Category Theoretic Introduction To Differential Geometry

Sei Mei Aastra Howe
A Derivation Of The Inhomogeneous Lorentz Group From Invariant Null Intervals

Robert J. Kahn
War, oil, and railroads : industrialization and the building blocks of city growth in the former U.S.S.R.

David Krueger
Extending The Critical Group To Oriented Matroids And Simplicial Complexes

Isaac Lawrence
Techniques For Space-Efficient Text-Indexing

Daniel C. Lidral-Porter
On Parallel Sorting And An Implementation Of Difference Cover Suffix Array Construction

Sarah MacQueen
Origami : A Mathematical System Of Paperfolding

David Lynn Nielsen
A Problem Zarankiewicz

Julia Porcino
An Analysis Of Permanental Ideals Over Hypermatrices

Siddharth S. Raval
Quantum Algorithms For A Few Problems

Nicholas K. Salter
A Fourier-Analytic Approach To Polytope Euler-Maclaurin Summation

Trey Sands
On simulating a new Keynesian dynamic stochastic general equilibrium model : replicating smets and wouters

Caleb Tillman
An Application Of Representation Theory To The Study Of Random Walks On Groups

Gaurav Gokaran Venkataraman
Volterra Integral Equation Methods For Theoretical Neuroscience

Wally Jay Wissner
Characterizing doubly-special relativistic models with energy- independent metrics

Tianyuan Xu
Graph Partitions And Free Resolutions Of Toppling Ideals


Noah Davidson
Musical Sequences And Dominating Empires : A Study In Aperiodic Tilings

Raphael Deem
Algebraic Error Correction

Hannah Fouasnon
A Colorful Clustering : A Structural Analysis Of Hartigan's Modal Method For Block Clustering

Laurel E. Stephenson Haskins
Perturbation theory for projected states

Nicholas Insalata
A Mosaic Approach To Virtual Reality

Tian Jiang
Stability In Chip-Firing Games

Russell Alex Mayhew
Found on road dead : a macroeconomic study of the efficacy of vehicle scrappage subsidies and sales incentives

M. Rose Peterman
Balanced Incomplete Block Designs

Swaroop Poudel
Financial systemic risk : classification and measurement

Erica Hilary Shannon
The Connection Between Dimer Covers And Sandpile Groups

Homer Strong
Uniform Connected Subgraph Sampling

Justin J. Sumner
Functional determinants in the path integral formalism

R. Seth Terashima
Message Routing In Random Graphs : Lattice And Ring Models For Peer-To-Peer And Social Networks

Bryson Leigh Uhrig-Fox
One system does not fit all : a country-level study of variation in tax systems and the number of the headquarters of multinational corporations

Yannik Van Huele
Mathematical Quasicrystals As Generalized Classical Crystals

Laura White-Avian
Falling Out Of Attraction Through An Infinite Cascade Of Period Doubling Bifurcations

John Wilmes
Algebraic Invariants Of Sandpile Graphs

Andrew S Winterman
Statistical Tests Of Equivalence

Godwin Yung
An Algorithm For The Calibration Of FTMS Signals To Improve Peptide Identification


Nii Amartey Amarteifio
The role of foreign direct investment : a sub-Saharan perspective

Nicholas Chandler-Klein
Predictive validity of the new SAT reasoning test

Thomas M. Chartrand
Trajectories in the hydrodynamic formulation of quantum mechanics : a computational and theoretical investigation

Regina Collecchia
The Entropy Of Musical Classification

Christopher Cotter
Permanental Ideals

Benjamin Fischer
Funny Ways To Count Dots : Relating The Discrete And Continuous Volumes Of Rational Polyhedra

Cooper Francis
Model-Checking Concurrent Systems

Maxwell Hallock
The Tutte Polynomial And The Critical Configuration Polynomial On Acyclic Digraphs

Joseph A. Hand
Creative destruction in a dynamic stochastic general equilibrium framework : evaluation through calibration and simulation

Bryan Head
An Abstraction Of Evolution Through Algebra

Joshua Hoak
Mathematical Games

David Jackson
Production effects of U.S. agricultural program payments : an empirical examination

Mallory J. Keeler
Estimating the effects of the federal estate tax on charitable behavior : evidence since EGTRRA 2001

Upasana Khadka
The effects of relief mechanisms from double taxation on foreign direct investment

Tinashe Mashungu
Structural adjustment and debt

Daniela Morar
Power laws in the stock market

Joshua O'Rourke
Frobenius Numbers Of Consecutive Squares

Jacob Perlman
Sandpiles : A Bridge Between Graphs And Toric Ideals

William Rosenbaum
Analysis On Circles : A Modern View Of Fourier Series

Andrew C. Shapiro
Music industry business models in the digital millenium : an empirical analysis of streaming music and multi-product profits

Clara Siegel
Radiocarbon Dating Of Mount Baker Lahars : Implications For Volcanic Hazard Assessment

Nayram Tay-Agbozo
An Investigation Into Image Segmentation Using Graph Cuts

Cordelia Wylde-LaRue
Trigonometry In The Hyperbolic Plane


Michael C. Allard
Anomalous diffusion, fractional calculus, and random walks

Eric Brattain-Morrin
Entropy, computation, and demons

Devin Chalmers
The computable world

Jeffrey Samuel Sebastian Weinmann Cruse
Riemann Roch on directed graphs

Jessica Gill
Monomial ideals

Jeremy J. Harper
Projection-valued measures and the need for quantum observables to be self-adjoint

William Henderson
Distributed and mobile systems in the ?-calculus

William R. Henner
Ukkonen's linear time suffix trees

Juliet Hougland
Separability of the Kerr geodesic Hamilton-Jacobi equation

Andreea Jurculet
Fedspeak : the response of interest rates to FOMC communication

Karim Lakhani
An introduction to multiresolution analysis and the discrete wavelet transform

Julia F. Lazenby
Circulant graphs and their spectra

Joshua Michael Lingerfelt
Retail electrical deregulation in Texas

Steven M. McClellan Jr.
A computational investigation of Kubota conductors

Peter McCulloch
The Ito calculus and option pricing

Tracy L. Mehoke
The book of shadows : enumeration of cubick curves

James E. Nye
Braid group cryptography

Sara Caitlin O'Connor
A new derivation for the formulae for counting elliptic points

Rebecca Schoenberg-Jones
Constructing a sandpile machine

Erica C. Strachan
Determinants of microcredit success : a case study of Mercy Corps Northwest

Griffen R. Thoma
A survey of results related to the study of magic squares

Michael T. Turner
Moving ahead, looking behind : social learning in Mexico-U.S. migration

Verónica G. Vergara Larrea
Laplacian growth : how mistaken are we by calling it DLA?


Timothy B. Armstrong
Federal research funding and patenting in U.S. universities

Samuel J. Billheimer
Perihelic motion in orbits about axis-symmetric ellipsoids

Matthew Strom Borman
The ranks of a tropical matrix

Heidi Elise Brooks
Orbit determination of binary stars from radial velocity measurements

Diego I. Calderón
Representation theory of finite groups with applications

Ranganai Gwati
Prediction and parameter estimation in the presence of missing data

Vanessa Elaine Holfeltz
A lie theoretic approach to robot kinematics

An-Seok Joo
Categorical ideas as expressed in the programming language charit

Julia M. Keller
Quantifying entanglement

David Kling
Valuing views form single-family homes in Portland, OR

Anaiah E. Krueger
A brief history of distribution theory

Alice Emily Neels
Quantum learning and Reed-Muller codes

Keon H. Parandvash
Arbitrage in Hilbert space