Mathematics Department

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Math 2017


Robert Chang
Office: Lib 315 | Email  
Visiting Assistant Professor 2022-24
Microlocal analysis.

Zajj Daugherty
Office: Lib 307 | Email 
Representation theory and algebraic combinatorics.


Hank Ibser
Office:  | Email
Visiting Assistant Professor 2021-2023

Lyudmila (Luda) Korobenko

Lyudmila (Luda) Korobenko
Office: L315, x4901 | Email
Analysis and partial differential equations.

On leave Fall 2022

Kelly McConville

Kelly McConville
Office: L394, x5000 | Email | Website
Survey statistics, statistical learning.

On leave 2022-23.

David Meyer
Office: Lib 390 | Email
Visiting Assistant Professor 2022-23
Algebra and representation theory.

Alexander Moll
Office: Lib 316 | Email 
Probability theory and mathematical physics.

Kyle Ormsby

Kyle Ormsby 
Office: L306, x7428 | Email | Website
Algebraic topology.

On leave 2022-23.

Angélica Osorno

Angélica Osorno (Chair)
Office: L305, x5093 | Email | Website
Algebraic topology and category theory.


David Perkinson 
Office: L316, x7417 | Email | Website
Algebraic geometry and combinatorics.

Jamie Pommersheim

Jamie Pommersheim
Office: L307, x7619 | Email | Website
Algebraic geometry, number theory, quantum computing.

On leave 2022-23.


Marcus Robinson '13
Office: x7220| Email
Visiting Assistant Professor 2020-2023
Commutative algebra, algebraic geometry.

Mohammad Shirazi
Office: L306 | Email
Visiting Assistant Professor 2022-23
Complex analysis and complex approximation theory.

Jerry Shurman

Jerry Shurman
Office: Greywood 113, x7351 | Email | Website
Number theory and complex analysis.

On sabbatical 2022-23.

Lenny Wainstein
Office Lib 394 | Email
Visiting Assistant Professor 2022-23
Statistics and causal inference.


Joe Buhler

Joe P. Buhler
Algebra, number theory, computational complexity.

Albyn Jones

Albyn Jones
Office: Kelly House, x7418 | Email | Website

Ray Mayer

Ray Mayer
Office: Kelly House, x7419 | Email | Website


V. Rao Potluri

Joe Roberts

Joe Roberts
Number theory and combinatorics.


Lisa Mickola
Office: L317 x7710 | Email
Faculty Administrative Coordinator

Faculty Alumni

Hubert Chrestenson
In Remembrance | Obituary in Reed Magazine

Thomas Wieting

Thomas W. Wieting
Website | In Remembrance | Obituary in Reed Magazine
Differential geometry.