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Study Abroad Evaluation

In order to assist the faculty Committee on Off Campus Study and the International Programs Office as well as future students considering study abroad, we hope you can take a few minutes to comment on your overseas experience in response to the following questions.

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1. Name of Program *

2. Location

3. Were you prepared to begin the program when you arrived?
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If not, what would have been helpful?

4. Briefly evaluate the quality of the academic aspects of the program.

5. Briefly evaluate the physical conditions (housing, food, etc.).

6. Were you able to get all of the credit you thought you deserved?
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If not, why not? Recommendations for students planning to participate in this program regarding academic credit?

7. What additional recommendations do you have for students considering studying in this program?

Particular recommendations regarding this campus?

8. What did you feel you learned as a result of your time overseas?

9. In what way(s), do you believe your time overseas will effect your future?

10. Did this experience provide you with any insights or change your perspective with regards to your education at Reed?

11. Do you feel the information you learned while abroad will compliment what you have learned and will be studying at Reed?

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Class year during time overseas

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