Office for Institutional Diversity

Staff & Faculty Affinity Groups

Affinity groups are cultural and identity-specific gathering spaces where staff and faculty with a shared identity can connect. The purpose, goals, and frequency of meetings of each affinity group are set by the group’s co-leads and members. Staff affinity groups were created by the Staff Committee on Diversity in 2021 and are institutionally supported by the Office for Institutional Diversity. In an effort to be a more inclusive community, beginning in 2023, Staff Affinity groups were invited to include participation of all Reed staff & faculty. 

Current affinity groups:

Asian American & Pacific Islander Affinity Group

Black Staff & Faculty Affinity Group

Latiné/a/o/x Staff Staff & Faculty Affinity Group

LGBTQ2S+ Staff & Faculty Affinity Group

Multiracial Staff & Faculty Affinity Group

Native & Indigenous Staff & Faculty Affinity Group


Each affinity group sets its own purpose and goals each year based on feedback from its members. The purpose of affinity groups can be social, academic, networking, learning communities, support, community engagement, and/or a combination. 


Affinity groups are open to all Reed staff and faculty who self-identify as a member of the group. Membership is voluntary; there is no compensation for participating in staff affinity groups. Membership in the Staff & Faculty Affinity Group is open to all Reed non-student staff and faculty. This includes all full-time, part-time, and contract employees.

Meeting Frequency

Each affinity group should meet at least once a semester and are encouraged to meet more frequently. The frequency of meetings of each affinity group are set each year by the co-leads, based on feedback from members. In setting meeting times, every effort should be made to consider the schedule and workload of members in each group. Effort should be made to hold gatherings during college operating hours: M-F 8:30-5:00 p.m., unless an after-hours gathering or event is preferred by the affinity group. 


Each affinity group will have at least two co-leads. The co-leads are responsible for:

  • Establishing the purpose, goals, and frequency of meetings for the affinity group each year, based on members’ feedback.
  • Administrative support for their affinity group including moderating group emails, group membership and following budgetary procedures set forth by the Office for Institutional Diversity.
  • Meet quarterly with the Vice-President & Dean for Institutional Diversity.

The co-leads of each affinity group will serve on the Affinity Group Committee and will receive committee ‘credit’ for their participation. 


Each affinity group is allocated an annual budget of $1,500. This budget can be used for catering, events, supplies, reimbursements, books, professional development, swag, printing, etc. The budget cannot be used for monetary compensation to co-leads or group members.

Administrative Support

The Office for Institutional Diversity (OID) provides administrative support to each staff affinity group in the form of:

  • Announcing affinity groups and inviting employees to participate every year
  • Allocating $1,500 budget to each affinity group
  • Coordinating annual start-up meeting and regular check-in meetings with each affinity co-leads

Note that each affinity group is responsible for internal communications, maintaining its membership, and organizing and executing desired events or programs.