English Department

Eddings Student Projects

Eddings Opportunity Grants are funded as part of a generous bequest from David Eddings, class of 1954, and are dedicated to the support of English majors’ research, scholarship, and writing. More information about applying for an Eddings Opportunity Grant can be found here



Project description:

Mia Burcham

To visit archives of Walt Whitman’s and Frederick Douglass’s work as thesis research, as well as to meet with Whitman scholars Kenneth Price and Karen Karbiener at this year’s MLA conference in New York, to experience the America in both authors’s literature, and to explore further research and graduate studies.

Quincy Kitson

To further research, expand, and revise my essay "Sex, Death, and The Erotic Fantasy of Shakespeare’s Heart in “The Portrait of Mr. W. H.,” with the eventual goal of journal submission.

Serena Morales

I am applying for the Eddings Opportunity Grant in hopes of gaining financial assistance to attend the Poet's House in New York City to complete a creative research project.

Clementine Morse

I intend to travel to London, England to attend a conference on John Keats and do archival research at the British Library. I will then go to the Lake District in Northern England, where I will replicate Keats' walks taken in 1818. I will collect journal entries and notes, which I will then synthesize into an academic paper on the relationship between academic discourse surrounding Keats, his lived experience, and his poetry and letters.

Ben Read

Tuition and fees for Port Townsend Writers' Conference 2018

Claire Stevens

I will visit at least seventeen Allen Ginsberg and other Beat poets' locations in San Francisco.

Isabel Sullivan

I plan to write, illustrate, layout, print, and bind a children’s book about an overstimulated duck with too many facial features entitled, Here is a Picture of Me Minding My Manners.




Project Description:

Sierra Hill

A short trip along the coastal side of Oregon to Charleston to attend a marine biology seminar.

Caroline McCulloch

An independent research project on the life and literature of Virginia Woolf.

Hank Smith

To fund time spent on a post-graduation creative project during the summer of 2017, which would otherwise be spent working a job to pay for food/rent.

Liv Veazey

Series of fictional stories which will de/reconstruct the various ways we narrativize psycho-somatic experiences that are often cast as nonnormative, divergent, or other.

Jasmine Williams

Travel to Myanmar in order to obtain resources at the British Consulate Library and speak with scholars at the University of Yangon.




Project Description:

Sandra Anda

To attend Swedish Film Institute and Bergman Center in Stockholm

Naima Karzmar-Britton

Travel expenses for creative project/attendance of Disquiety Intnl Literary Program in Lisbon

Hayden Kinney

Travel expenses for trip to Huntington Library Archives for project on Wallace Stevens

Grace Moon

Travel expenses and printing for creative chapbook project: memory/regional writing