Environmental Health and Safety

Waste Management



Signage and Information

Where to drop off your waste

Hazardous waste - bring containers of hazardous waste, with filled out labels attached, to Chemistry 211

Used Batteries - bring batteries to Chemistry 211, if they are leaking, place them in a plastic bag

Lamps and Ballasts - there are cardboard containers as pictured here, in various locations on campus, where lamps and ballasts can be disposed of for future recycling

Electronic waste other than batteries, lamps, and ballasts - bring to the Computer Hardware Shop in the ETC to be recycled

Other Recycleables - depending on the material, recycleables can be placed in recycling bins around campus, but some must be brought to the Recycling Center in the GCC. Refer to the Recycling Center page for more information about what goes where.

As a College, Reed is a conditionally exempt small quantity generator (CESQG), which is also known as a very small quantity generator (VSQG) of hazardous chemical waste. Please make sure to label your waste with your contact information, contents, and date at the start of collection. Waste labels can be obtained in Chemistry 211, from either the Biology or Chemistry Stockroom, or below. Place the labeled waste in Chemistry 211 for further processing when ready to dispose. EHS takes all hazardous waste including: chemical, biological, radioactive materials, lamps and ballasts, and batteries. Contact ehs@reed.edu if you have further questions regarding waste disposal.