Environmental Health and Safety

Radiation Safety Committee

The Radiation Safety Committee is established by the authority of the President of Reed College. The Committee is delegated primary responsibility for the safe use of ionizing radiation in all aspects of the University operation including, but not limited to instructional, research, and support functions. Through this authority, the Committee serves as the administrative body required by State rules and by the conditions of the University license for radioactive materials.


1. Be familiar with all pertinent Oregon rules, the terms of the license, and information submitted in support of the request for the license and its amendments.

2. Establish a program to ensure that all individuals whose duties may require them to work in the vicinity of radiation or radioactive material (e.g., security, maintenance, and custodial personnel) are properly instructed as required by the Oregon Administrative Rules (OAR) 333-111-0010, part of the Oregon rules for controlling radiation.

3. Review the training and experience of all individuals who use or handle radioactive materials (RAM) and determine that their qualifications are sufficient to enable them to perform their duties safely and in accordance with the rules and conditions of the license.

4. Review all requests for authorization to use radiation or radioactive material within the institution on the basis of safety, and approve or deny the requests based on the limitations of the rules, the license, and the “As Low As Reasonably Achievable” (ALARA) principle.

5. Prescribe special conditions that will be required during a proposed method of use of radioactive material (e.g., requirements for bioassays, physical examinations, and special monitoring procedures).

6. Review quarterly the summary report of the occupational radiation exposure records of all personnel.

7. Review annually the summary report of the entire Radiation Safety Program provided by the Radiation Safety Officer (RSO) to determine that all activities are conducted safely, in accordance with Oregon Rules and the conditions of the license, and consistent with the ALARA program and philosophy. The review must include an examination of records, reports from the RSO, results of inspections, written safety procedures, and the adequacy of the management control system.

8. Recommend remedial action to correct any deficiencies identified in the radiation safety program.

9. Maintain written minutes of all committee meetings, including members in attendance, discussions, actions, recommendations, and decisions.

10. Ensure that the radioactive material license is amended when necessary.

11. Support the RSO in enforcing the rules and procedures specified by the license and procedures.