Dance Department

Recent Thesis Archive


  • Giving Up the Ghost: Selfhood and Otherhood in Technologized Dance - August Singer


  • Jew~ish? Embodied Constructions of Jewishness in American Ashkenazi Zionism - Rose Cole-Cohen (dance/anthropology)
  • The Revolution Will Not Be Live Streamed: Dialectics of Black Feminine Subjectivity in Viral TikTok Dances and Beyond - Ariah Henderson


  • Our Beds Are Islands: Creating Queer Intimacy Through Physical Theatre In The Age Of Streaming Media - Saga Darnell (theatre/dance)
  • Perceiving, Sensing, and Inhabiting: Embodiment and Physical Experience in Contemporary Dance and Visual Art - Hannah Jensvold (dance/art)
  • The Spaces Between - Laura Kennedy


  • The Burden of Cost: Usinge Dance-based Research to Center Lived Experience in a Non-dominant Model of Disability in Postsecondary Education - Charles Bales (dance/economics)
  • We've Got It Goin' On : Drag King Interpretations of 90's Boy Band Performance - Erin Lauderdale
  • Transmission and Translation: Conceptualizing Bodily Transfers of Tradition Through Embodied Ritual - Morgan Meister
  • Valuing the Dance Marathon - Maya Nájera Evans


  • (Re-)membered Intimacies: A Reaffirmation of the Body as Knowledge - Olivia Hasencamp
  • Expanding the Corporeal Self : Using Dance Improvisation to Cultivate Intimacy and Heighten Physical Perception - Mackenzie Schuller
  • Meat of the Matter - Rika Yotsumoto


  • Sueños Americanos: An American Dream: Counterhegemonic Narrative Strategies of Queer Performers of Color - Sidra Morgan-Montoya (dance/theatre)
  • All Your Love: In-home Mutual Aid and Queer Reliance Alliances - Ezra Unterseher


  • 2016 - Where's Leon? (or) That Extraordinary Drama: Dancing Jazz, Negotiating Historiography, and Performing Americanism on the Cold War Cultural Tours - Hannah MacKenzie-Margulies (dance/music)
  • 2015 - Unsettled and On the Margin: The Grotesque in the Poetry of Kim Hyesoon and Carl Phillips, and the Choreography of Ohad Naharin - Katrina E. Bastian (dance/literature)
  • 2015 - A Performance of Ritual InterventionGrace Poetzinger (dance/art)
  • 2014 - Interactions Between Marginalized Status & Social Structure: Quantitative & Choreographic Approaches - Olivia Jensen (dance/sociology)
  • 2014 - Kurt Jooss' "The Green Table": An Anti-war Ballet? - Jacqueline Davis (dance/history)
  • 2012 - Transforming the Body: Costume and Choreography in Pilobolus, MOMIX, BodyVox, and "On the Ropes: Exploring the Technical Body" - Claire Hemingway Thomforde-Garner (dance/theatre)
  • 2009 - It is a Truthful Soup: Tanztheater and Related Performance Forms - Alexandra Dahout (dance/theatre)
  • 2008 - An Exploration of Ritual in Performance - Anna McDonald (dance/theatre)
  • 2008 - Follow Your Nose: Exploring the Physicality of Clowns and Other Things - Peter Schroeder (dance/theatre)