Dance Department

Dj Rayley

Rayley is a Portland native and graduate from the accredited Jefferson High School Performing Arts Program. Her background includes extensive formal training in: Ballet, Jazz, Tap, Hula, African, Modern, and Theater. Her influential Hip-Hop skills were developed in its original form of street mastery. Dj's choreography for Tap, Contemporary, and Hip-Hop have been recognized both regionally and nationally for being innovative, beautiful, entertaining, a divine use of musicality, outstanding showmanship, creative staging, age appropriate content, and a honest portrayal of Hip-Hop. Ms. Rayley has successfully established a full-time career as a dancer, choreographer, and dance educator for 17 years, while also performing a professional role as a producer for both dance concerts and videos. In addition, Dj currently has six students working the professional dance circuit in L.A., New York, Washington D.C., and internationally. Her personal commitment to dance education and training has given her the liberty to study with world-renowned choreographers from So You Think You Can Dance and You Got Served.