Dance Department




Four singular dancers are portrayed in this series of unconventional video installations, each offering a unique perspective on the life of the body. 

Here, unusual projection sites and interfaces engender unexpected encounters between viewers and the video images—images that serve as conduits of the dancers’ subjective experiences. Providing immersive experiences; these installations offer a sense of how each of these diverse dancers encounter the world.


By choreographer/director: Carla Mann

In collaboration with animator/sculptor:  John Bacone

And dancers: Jae Diego, Daniel Kirk, Eric Skinner & Ching Ching Wong

With music by: Heather Perkins


Video Installations: Jae, Ching, Eric+Daniel

Free and open to the public

May 23-June 8, 2014: Friday-Sunday @ noon-6 pm

Reed College Performing Arts Building

3203 SE Woodstock Blvd.

Portland, OR 97202-8199


Also showing at these dance performances:

Skinner/Kirk @ BodyVox: April 17-19 & 24-26 @ 7:30 pm: Eric + Daniel

Currents @ Conduit Studio: May 16-17 @ 7:30 pm:  Jae, Ching

Portrait choreography workshops:

Lewis & Clarke College: February 24

Reed College: April 3

Da Vinci Middle School:  TBD

Please contact for more info on workshops.


Choreography/direction/conception: Carla Mann

Animation/sculpture/video editing:  John Bacone

Dancers: Jae Diego, Daniel Kirk, Eric Skinner & Ching Ching Wong

Music: Heather Perkins

Interactive technology: Paul Clay

Videography: Ralph Davis/Action Video, Eric Nordstrom/Portland Performing Arts Video, Gordon Wilson

Graphic design:  Jae Diego

This project is supported by Reed College and the Regional Arts & Culture Council. Ching Ching Wong appears courtesy of the NW Dance Project.