Dance Department

the bodies of the fruit are clear
Senior Dance Thesis Project by August Singer, Fall 2021

The Reed dance program explores how dance practices both reflect and shape the world. Through work inside and outside of the studio, Reed dancers find fluidity between embodied, written, creative, and scholarly work, and understand dance as a way of approaching salient social, cultural, and political questions. 

In addition to the Dance major, the Department also offers interdisciplinary majors in Dance-Comparative Race and Ethnicity Studies and Dance-Theatre, as well as a minor in Dance. Beyond the standing interdisciplinary majors, the Dance program highly values collaboration with other departments in the performing arts and beyond.

Obfuscated Trepidation, Choreographed & Performed by Zonya Tanada
Created for Minh Tran's Contemporary Dance IV course, Fall 2020

All classes are open to majors and non-majors. Our wide-ranging curriculum includes courses in contemporary dance, choreography, improvisation, critical dance studies, cultural studies, Latin American dance, and dances of the African Diaspora. Performing opportunities are available to all Reed students through Department-sponsored concerts, Performance Ensemble, Reed Dance Troupe, Reed Arts Week, senior thesis productions, and independent projects. Reed has established dance-intensive exchange programs for students interested in studying abroad.

In addition to our course and performance offerings, the Department maintains a robust residency program. Residencies are integral to facilitating contact between students and professional dancers, and aim to highlight urgent work happening in the field that deals with issues of race, gender, sexuality, and ability. In recent years, students have worked with high-profile choreographers based in the US and internationally, including: