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The Peer Health Advocates (PHAs) are student staff in the Community Wellness Office who offer peer-driven health promotion programming. The PHAs consider health as something we are all engaged in and striving towards, rather than something that can be achieved or lost. We strive to create engaging, relevant, and inclusive programming for the student community. If you're interested in connecting with peers or other student groups with a passion for wellness, check out our events calendar or contact us directly!

NEW: Multicultural Peer Health Advocates

The Multicultural Peer Health Advocates (MPHAs) are a new addition to the PHA student staff in the Community Wellness Office who develop programs that promote health and wellness among Reed's students of color. These students work collaboratively with both Community Wellness and the Multicultural Resource Center to find ways to provide more inclusive wellness programming that is focused on the intersections of race and health. 


Student Staff

Aaliyah Hoffman

photo of aaliyah-hoffmanHowdy I am Aaliyah! I use she/her/hers, I’m a first year, and I am a Multicultural Peer Health Advocate. So I am working on making healthcare more accessible for POC at Reed. I love hanginout so hit me up if you want some brown on brown time! I also give super good advice because I’m a scorpio! 

Ming Yan

photo of tessa verbalHey guys, my name is Ming and I'm an international student from China. Coming from a tropical city, I really appreciate seasons in Portland. I like spending time exploring this city; new restaurants, movie theaters and vintage stores are my favorite places. I love animals and when I'm stressed, I would play with my rats and chinchillas. To me, animals are always the best therapists. I know life can be messy and things will happen, but it is important to reach out and ask for help or do something about it. There are plenty resources on campus that are available and Community Wellness is one of them. I'm excited to meet you all during school years!

Michelle Owens

photo of Lieh VertuosoHi! My name is Michelle Owens, I'm a second semester junior American Studies/Sociology major and I'm from Chicago, born and raised. I'm one of your Mental Health PHAs, and I also am a state-certified Peer Support Specialist for mental health support. I also started and run the National Alliance on Mental Illness at Reed College (NAMI@Reed), so you can also find me there. Besides that, I really enjoy making and drinking tea (hit me up for tea shop recs), any and all crafty activities, good quality pens, jamming on my planner, yoga, and cooking new, healthy recipes. As someone who has both chronic mental and physical illness, who's taken a medical leave and had to navigate campus resources, I am so excited to be working with Community Wellness and my fellow PHAs. If you see me around, don't be afraid to say hi, I just might have snacks.

Alystair Augustin

photo of tessa verbal

Hi y'all, my name is Alystair (they/they or he/him). I'm an anthro major (and art minor in spirit) from New Jersey. I love drawing, sculpting, and reading. I'm currently writing a full length web comic. I feel most at home while cooking and feeding people. Hit me up if you need a home-cooked meal! 
I'm a Multicultural Peer Health Advocate which means my work focuses on students of color here at Reed, especially in intersection with class, gender, queerness, and ability. My goal this year is to make sure all students of color have space to destress, discuss their struggles, and practice self care/self love. I'm down to talk with you, listen to you vent, and build community with everyone. Looking forward to meeting you!

Anneleissa Coen

photo of anneleissa coenHello lovelies, I am Anneleissa (they/them/theirs) and I am a senior Sociology major. I was born and raised in Eugene, Oregon and absolutely adore the West Coast, so some of my favorite hobbies are backpacking, bicycling, capoeira, and hacky sack. During the school year I like to relax by knitting, watching Netflix, swing dancing, playing video games, or curling up with tea while I read. I also adore turtles. I am super excited to serve as both a Peer Health Advocate and Community Wellness Intern here at Reed because I love creating more supportive and positive spaces wherever I go! I am particularly passionate about fostering greater inclusivity across campus so that students from all backgrounds feel as though their wellbeing is cared for equally. If you have any fun ideas, questions about campus resources, or just want to see a smiling face, please feel free to hit me up!

Farhan Hasan

photo of farhan hasanHiya! I’m Farhan, a senior Physics major hailing from several thousand miles away (Bangladesh) and I prefer he/him/his pronouns. I’m very nerdy about music – everything from discovering new artists and genres to goofing around on the keyboard and ukulele to hastily scribbling down unfinished lyrics and compositions to writing a music column on The Quest makes me happy. I also enjoy playing soccer, going hiking, reading (I’m currently trying to finish up the Hitchhiker’s guide to the galaxy series, aside from discovering a whole world of non-fiction literature), and frequenting record stores. I strongly believe that inclusivity and empathy are quintessential for our community to cohere and as such, I try my best to uphold them no matter what the circumstances are. I also have tremendous compassion for all those who’ve felt lost in the very unique fabric of Reed and want to say that we’re overcoming this challenge every day and bringing out the best in ourselves by embracing it.

Trevor Soucy

photo of farhan hasanHi, my name is Trevor! I am a senior Biochemistry/Molecular Biology major from Eugene, Oregon. In my spare time, I love to play video games, do long-distance running, and to practice meditation. I also love the outdoors and am always looking to go running, hiking, or biking around Portland. I believe that there is no singular "right" way to be healthy and that we can all find a set of habits that work for us. I also think taking care of the mind is just as important as taking care of the body. Through our community, we can help share ideas and learn from each other. I am really looking forward to getting to know more of the Reed community as I work with Community Wellness!


Nick Egan

photo of katie macdougallHeyo, I'm Nick! (he/him) I am currently a Sociology and Pre-med junior hailing from Cupertino, California. In my spare time I like to go out to rallies, play videogames, watch plenty of cartoons, and do what I can to make my nerdy background something of benefit to our community. If any of that sounds up your alley, hit me up! Reed can be a real stressful place, and as one of your PHAs I hope to work my hardest at making this academic life a pleasant one! If you've got any great ideas for us, questions about navigating our campus, or need someone to vent with, come on by!

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