Chinese Studies


Alexei Ditter, Associate Professor of Chinese

  • Medieval and late imperial Chinese prose, poetry and fiction, genre theory, cultural memory and commemoration, economics of writing in medieval China.
  • B.A. 1995 University of Minnesota. M.A. 2001, Ph.D. 2009 Princeton University. Reed College 2006–.
  • Office: Eliot 114
  • Phone: 503-517-7348
  • Website: Alexei Ditter

Douglas Fix, Elizabeth C. Ducey Professor of Asian Studies and Humanities

  • Modern China and Japan.
  • B.A. 1977 University of Colorado, Boulder. M.A. 1983, Ph.D. 1993 University of California, Berkeley. Reed College 1990–.
  • Office: Eliot 423
  • Phone: 503-517-7422
  • Website: Formosa: 19th Century Images

Denise Hare, Dr. Lester B. Lave Professor of Economics

  • Economics of development, labor economics, economics of transition, China's economy.
  • B.A. 1983 Carleton College. Ph.D. 1992 Stanford University. Reed College 1992–.
  • Office: Eliot 406
  • Phone: 503-517-7463
  • Website: Denise Hare

Jing Jiang, Associate Professor of Chinese and Humanities

  • Modern Chinese literature and culture, theories of modernity, nationalism, subjectivity, gender studies, film studies.
  • B.A. 1992 Nanjing University, Nanjing. M.A. 1995 Peking University, Beijing. Ph.D. 2006 University of Michigan. Reed College 2006–.
  • Office: Eliot 428
  • Phone: 503-517-7376
  • Website: Jing Jiang

Charlene Makley, Professor of Anthropology

  • Development, globalization, anthropology of capitalism, exchange and value, gender, ethnicity, nationalism, religion and ritual, feminist theory, linguistic anthropology, China, Tibet, East Asia.
  • B.A. 1986 Middlebury College. M.A. 1993, Ph.D. 1999 University of Michigan, Ann Arbor. Reed College 2000–.
  • Office: 312 Vollum
  • Phone: 503-517-7461
  • Website: Charlene Makley

Hyong Rhew, Professor of Chinese and Humanities

  • Classical Chinese literature, Chinese literary theory, Chinese intellectual history, Korean literature.
  • B.A. 1978 Hankuk University of Foreign Studies. M.A. 1983 Fu-Jen Catholic University. M.A. 1987, Ph.D. 1993 Princeton University. Reed College 1988–.
  • Office: Eliot 122
  • Phone: 503-517-7392
  • Website: Hyong Rhew

Michelle H. Wang, Assistant Professor of Art History and Humanities

  • Art and archaeology of early China.
  • B.A. 2007 Swarthmore College. Ph.D. 2014 University of California, Berkeley. Reed College 2015–.
  • Office: Library 323
  • Phone: 503-517-7730

Tobias Benedikt Zürn, Visiting Assistant Professor of Religion and Humanities

  • Chinese religions, Daoist and Buddhist textual and material cultures, (Daoist) ritual theory, Practices of embodiment and conceptualizations of the body in East Asia, Multimedia reception history of the Zhuangzi, Premodern Chinese aesthetics and poetics.
  • Zwischenprüfung 2005 Humboldt University, Berlin, MA 2008 University of Munich, MA 2010, PhD 2016 University of Wisconsin, Madison
  • Office: ETC
  • Phone: 
  • Website: Tobias Benedikt Zürn