Chinese Studies

China-Related Theses, 1996-2022


Ford | 2022
More Than Tomatoes: A Political Ecology of Organic Farming in Taiwan

Hoesel | 2022
Interwoven Sovereign Assertions: Identifying Political Strategies of Indigenous Taiwan and the Taiwanese State

Ye | 2022
Shifting Housing Provision in the US and People's Republic of China: History, Present and Hope

Kimura | 2017
Negotiating Exclusions: Southeast Asian Migrant Domestic Worker Subjectivity and Collective Action in Hong Kong

Flagg | 2011
Branding Heaven: Commodity, Fantasy and Conceptual Architecture in the Chinese Countryside

Rem | 2009
Chinese Gold Farmers Must Die: Killing for the Fantasy of Play, Identity, and the Commodity in World of Warcraft

Caihuajia | 2007
The Qinghai-Tibet railway: a mirror of China's development

Glaser | 2007
Marketing "Minzu": the cultural politics of ethnic tourism in post-Mao Yunnan

Moseley | 2007
Constructing nations, nomads and grasslands: enclosure on the rangelands of Amdo

Hayward-Allen | 2006
The demolition of Zhejiangcun: a state spectacle of destruction on a Beijing migrant enclave


Jacobs | 2005
Intertwining images: art's role in Qianlong's vision of Sino-European relations

Sjoberg | 2004
Where practice and theory converge: Guo Xi's Early Spring

Wingfield | 2001
The Xu Bing phenomenon


Buck | 2020
Tales to Crack a Smile: A Translation and Analysis of Qǐyán lù

Stasse | 2018
Buddhism, Nature, and 'Mystic Vision': A Study of the Poem and Preface on a Journey to Stone Gate

Landauer | 2017
Cyberfeminist Poetics in China and Taiwan: Zhai Yongming, Yin Lichuan, and Xia Yu

Toll | 2017
Humanimals: An Analysis of the Progression of Animal-Human Hybrids in Mo Yan's Life and Death Are Wearing Me Out

Connelly | 2016
Remembering the Folk: Visibility and Bearing Witness in the Folk Memory Project

Finsrud | 2016
Alienation and Conceptions of Self: A Close Reading of Three of Bai Xianyong's Short Stories

Winitsky | 2016
Gender in the Jianghu: Transgressive Gender Performance in "Wuxia" Cinema

Burns | 2015
Iconoclasm and Subjectivity: Reflections on Locating Reverence in Luo Fu's Driftwood

Guldin | 2015
Abandoned Trails and False Peaks: A Journey Though the Xiyouji

James | 2015
Biographies of Tang Military Officials: An Exercise in Genre

Marin | 2015
The Daoist Hero's Tale: Moral Doctrine in the Ba xian de Dao zhuan Stories of Lü Dongbin

Mee | 2015
Tying Together a Classic: An Analysis of the Interpretation of The Book of Changes Found in the "Great Commentary"

Britt | 2014
The Dystopian Present: Recontextualizing Yu Hua's 1980 Fiction

Vincent | 2014
Samadhi Through Pleasure: Three Readings and a Translation of the "Voice and Countenance" section (聲容部) of Li Yu's (李漁, 1611-1680) Xianqing ouji (閒情偶寄)

Baxa | 2013
Autumn is Coming: The Poetry of Qiu Jin

Egerton-Wiley | 2013
Already Exiled From Home: History and Nostalgic Dissonance in Mo Yan's Red Sorghum

Maller | 2013
Xiangsheng and its Audience: Comedy, Remonstrance, and the Invention of Tradition in Modern China

Montecillo | 2013
Songs in the Jin ping mei cihua

Statman | 2013
"Make the Past Serve the Present": Images of the Past in Two Pre-Cultural Revolution Modern-day Peking Operas

Whitehead | 2013
Thymotic Community and the Sovereign Chinese Self in Jiang Rong's Wolf Totem and Other Root-seeking Fiction

Chao | 2012
Confucianism and Christianity in Francis Wei's Vision of a Modern China

Crabb | 2012
Revisiting the Taibo temple: the Organization and Themes of The Scholars

Wild | 2012
One Star Like the Moon: The Poetry of Huang Jingren

Lackey | 2011
Enacting Time in the Chu Silk Manuscript

McMath | 2011
Zhong se qing you: a Study of Seduction in the Shui Hu Zhuan

Nelson | 2011
Our Revolution: Youth, Love, and Chronology in the Works of Wang Meng

Kershaw | 2010
Spatializing identity: a Reading of Eileen Chang's Chuanqi Stories

McCloud | 2010
Literary and martial in wuxia fiction

Breitwieser | 2008
Narrative indulgence : the Theoretical Implications of Li Yu's The Twelve Halls

Lawrence | 2008
Violation and Redemption in the early 20th-century Chinese Rape Narrative

Gillette | 2007
Reading the republican child: May Fourth ideology and the creation of a modern children's literature in The Scarecrow

Salazar | 2007
An analysis of gender reconstruction in Zhang Yimou's Red Sorghum, Ju Dou, and Raise the Red Lantern

Willey | 2006
Cinematic absence

Buffalo | 2006
Su Shi's "Poems matching Tao"

Iwasaki | 2005
In love with the past: the relationship between nostalgia and same-sex love in "Farewell My Concubine" and "Fleeing By Night"

Mieling | 2005
A personal public: form and meaning in Han Shaogong's Maqiao Cidian

Hakkenberg | 2004
Re-articulating literary dissent: an analysis of Wang Shuo's Playing for Thrills

Larson | 2003
The development of intellectual historiography in the classical period: early attempts to order the Hundred Schools of Chinese philosophy

Raguso | 2002
Reclaiming the self: an autobiographical reading of Wang Meng's Bolshevik Salute

Janes | 2001
Cosmological models and healing in the Huangdi Neijing

Gottlieb | 2001
Hi-yaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaaahhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh!!!!!: decoding the martial arts film: genre utilization in Tsui Hark's "The Blade"

Steinke | 2000
A mirror for the romantic: literary creativity in Pu Songling's Liaozhai Zhiyi

Hong | 2000
Writing "Qing", or "my innermost feelings" in "Ci": marginality in the poetry and poetics of Liu Yong and Li Qingzhao

Rassoul | 2000
Investigating the myth of Chinese identity and national crisis: an unintended aftershock of NATO's bombing of the Chinese embassy

Nutter | 2000
The growth of hope in the writings of Xu Dishan

Strong | 1999
Poor Han Yu

Goff | 1998
Strategies of representation and the concept of legitimacy in Sanguo Yanyi and Sanguo Zhi

Peterson | 1998
Fishbones in their throats: the poetry and political dissent of Qu Yuan, Su Shi and Hu Feng

Greenberg | 1998
The ghost of the pot: aesthetic and pragmatic approaches to Yuan Dynasty justice operas

Gunderson | 1998
Beyond the pleasure of spectacle: the aesthetic contribution of China's fifth generation film-makers

Henderson | 1997
I eat jade: on the correction and prevention of pronunciation difficulties for American students learning Mandarin Chinese


Weiss | 1999
Painting to fill the void: exploring the Chinese concept of xu


Patterson | 1996
The early development of Wu Wei: a comparative evaluation

Comparative Literature

Adler | 2022
Questioning the Relationship Between Love and Expressions of Love Within Medieval Romance Stories of France and China

Morgan | 2021
Mirages and Mirrors: Reflections on Femininity, Masculinity, and Adolescence in Two Mid-Qing-Dynasty Novels

Wong | 2021
In Your Dreams

Brady | 2020
Open It Up: A Critical Exploration of the Globalization of Chinese and American Hip-Hop

Pau | 2020
The Message is in the Medium

Xu | 2020
Metatextuality, Enchantment and Imaginative Vision in Wu Mingyi’s The Stolen Bicycle, Magician in the Skywalk and "The Clouds Are Two Thousand Meters Up"

Frazel | 2018
Nora's Translingual Lineage: Representing the Feminine in Modernist Chinese Literature


Ji | 2021
How Do COVID-19 Lockdowns Affect China’s Air Pollution and Its Future Path?

Zhu | 2021
Female Labor Force Participation Rate in East Asian Countries

Ahmed | 2020
The Impact of China's BRI on FDI Flows to Sub-Saharan Africa

Hariharan | 2020
Innovation in the Sleeping Giant: An Examination of Factors That Influence Provincial Innovation
in China

Samel | 2020
When Pigs Die: The Structural Mismanagement of African Swine Fever in China

Chen | 2019
The Price of Beans in China

Cornelison | 2016
Globalization and the Gender Wage Gap

Korada | 2014
Determinants of Intergenerational Coresidence in Urban China: A Closer Look at Older Women and Young Households

Thu | 2014
Why are Real Estate Prices in Urban China so High? Is there a Bubble?

Hakim | 2011
Foreign Direct Investment Strategies in the Chinese and Indian Automobile Industries

Azike | 2010
Regulating the Shark Fin Market in China

Rutter | 2010
Determinants of Land Conversion Decisions in Rural China

Chan | 2009
The Welfare of Elderly in Rural China: The Impacts of Coresidence and Financial Transfers on

Smith | 2007
Economic geography in post-reform China

Wong | 1999
Gender wage differential in rural China


Peng | 2022
Foreign Direct Investment and Earnings in China

Chen | 2020
Is Education Finally Paying-off in Urban China? Evidence from 1989-2015

Stashevsky | 2019
Domestic Remittance in China: Rural–Urban Migration’s Trail of Inequality

Li | 2018
How Do Natural Disasters Affect Household Savings Decisions? Evidence from Rural China

Zhao | 1994
CAAC Regulation and Airline Performance in the Chinese Airline Industry


Stein | 2019
Cooperation and Conflict in Sino-Spanish Manila, 1639-1663

Oxley | 2018
The Last Mandarin: Problematizing Authenticity in Chinese-American Cuisine during the 20th Century

Unger | 2017
Christian Missionary Tactics and Community Interaction in China, 1600-1900

Williamson | 2016
The Movers of 17th-century Jingdezhen

Spielberger | 2015
The Emergence, Emancipation and Explosion of Subjectivity in the Cultural Revolution and the Deng Xiaoping Era

Acuña | 2014
The Hokkien Re-imagination of Asian Maritime Space in the Selden Map of China c. 1619

Chan | 2013
The Hybridity of Han Chinese Ethnic Attire, 1644-1930

Johnson | 2013
Urban Modernity in Republican Beijing, 1900-1937

Olson | 2013
Who Controls the Past? : Symbolism, Censorship, and Historical Memory of the 1989 Beijing Spring

Perla | 2013
Role of Government Regulation and Enforcement in the Rise and Fall of the Shipping and Trade Industry, Ming and Qing Fujian

Welsh | 2013
The Overseas Chinese in Early Colonial Indochina

Atanassov | 2012
Imperial Identity During the Boxer War of 1900-1901

Peterson | 2011
The Politics of Femininity in Late Qing China

Wyle | 2011
Cultural Interactions Between the Song and Liao

Noyes | 2010
How Popular Attitudes Towards Foreigners Influenced Late Qing Foreign Policy

Rivard | 2010 (History and Chinese)
Genre and Function in Underground Literature of the Cultural Revolution

Shapiro | 2010
Opium Suppression in Qing China, 1729-1911

Goodyear | 2009
British Intervention in the Taiping Rebellion

Helmers | 2009
Society, Politics, and Forests in Late imperial and Republican China

Keller | 2008
American Cartography in China, 1860-1900

Rojas | 2008
Chinese Conceptualizations of Citizenship in Socialist China, 1949-89

Gordanier | 2007
Perils of the Pear Garden: Social and Legal Restrictions on the Theatre in Late Imperial China

Maguire | 2007
Soviet Influence and Autochthonous Agency on the Early Public Health Practitioners of the PRC

Creamer | 2006
Industrialization and Environmental Degradation in The People's Republic of China: A Historical Examination of the Third Front Program

Schlickeiser | 2006
An Analysis of Jesuit Methods of Conversion as Used in China During the Late Ming

Becker | 2005
Intellectual Synthesis in Late Qing and Early Republican China: Kang Youwei, Tan Sitong, and Liang Qichao

Kim | 2005
Peasant Migration and Mobile Citizenship in Northeast China, 1900 - 1930

Lindsey | 2005
The Parallel Enterprise: Hong Taiji and the Forging of an Eastern Mongol Empire by the Pre-conquest Manchus

Grande | 2004
Unpacking the Baggage: Victorian Women Travel Writers in China

Stoller | 2002
Chinese and Western Discourses on Chinese Minority Nationalities in the Twentieth century: They are at an earlier stage of historical progression; we can help them catch up

Keisel | 2001
Conflict and Identity: The Origins of Chinese Nationalism

Murphy | 2001
Rulership, Realm, and Resources: the Mongol Conquest of the Southern Song Dynasty, 1234 - 1279

Spivey | 2001
Two Frontier Areas of the Ming and Qing dynasties

Metro | 2000
Historiography on "Tai-shan" "Ethnic" "Nationalism": Possibilities for a Discursive Transformation of "Modern" "Burma"

Wilson | 2000
Crossing the Tracks: The Formation of Chinese-American identities in Fresno, California, 1910 - 1950

Ratner | 2000
Reconsidering Peasant Livelihood and Economic Growth in Lake Tai Delta, China, 1840 - 1940

Netting | 1998
A War on Three Fronts: Artwork, Political Work and Economic Work in the Sha'anxi-Ningxia-Gansu Border Region

Dowl | 1998
Safe Harbor: Japanese Antisemitism, Foreign Policy, and the Jewish Refugee Crisis in Shanghai, 1938 - 1939

Fontenot | 1997
Joining the Struggle: Women and Modernization in Early 20th century China

Lerner | 1997
Who Lost China: The China Lobby and U.S. China Policy

Choy | 1996
Rural Women and Chinese Communist Organizing in 1949

Laughter | 1994
Integrating the Amahs into Chinese Immigrant History: A Historical Study of Chinese Female Domestic Servants in Singapore, 1930 - 1965

Fjelstad | 1994
Youth Activism During the Democracy Wall Movement: Healing the Scars of the Cultural Revolution

Su | 1992
Learning the Way: A Dilemma in Confucian Education During the Sung Dynasty

Swislocki | 1992
The Extensions of Christian Medical Authority in Guangzhou, 1835-1851

Altshuler | 1991
The Transformation of Protestant Missions in America and China, 1820-1920

Fox | 1991
Lu Hsun and Chinese Intellectual Life in the May Fourth Period

Gross | 1991
An Oral History of the Shanghai Jewish Community

Brauer | 1991
Changing Western Perceptions of Peasants' Role in the Chinese Revolution

Geary | 1990
Radical Thought in China and the Creation of the Modern Woman, 1898-1925

Rudden | 1990
Images of Women in Recent Chinese Fiction

Bartram | 1989
Rural Themes and Perceptions of Peasants in Modern Chinese Fiction

Sneider | 1989
Student Activism during the Cultural Revolution, 1966-1968


Stephenson | 2002
Identity and interaction: the China Inland Mission in Shanxi, China, 1876-1905

International and Comparative Policy Studies

Boyle | 2022
The Blue Sky Falls, the White Sun Sets: A Study of the Decline of the Kuomintang

Eveleth | 2022
Surviving the West Wind: China's Nuclear Posture in the Age of American Nuclear Supremacy

Kim | 2022
Ming-Joseon Political Relations 1392–1644: The Changing Relationship of Tributary Relations

Schick | 2019
Guanxi and Factions in Elite Chinese Politics under Xi Jinping

Scott | 2018
Accommodation and Repression: Labor Protest and State Response in the People's Republic of China, 2011-2017

Laikind | 2008
Green Energy in a Red State: A Study of Economic and Political Feasibility of Renewable Power Adoption in the People's Republic of China

Englander | 2005
Towards Political Order: A Study of Bargaining and Exchange in Rural China

Maughan | 2003
The Dragon Takes Flight: China, Development, and the WTO

Alberts | 2003
A diagnostic pendulum: condemning Chinese psychiatric abuse

Hu | 2003
The agricultural surplus-extraction mechanism: an explanation for owner-cultivated land reform in Taiwan


Levin | 2022
Native Speaker Production and Acceptance of Focus Particles and Object Shift in Mandarin Chinese

Gray | 2020
Acquisition of Russian Intonation and Mandarin Tone by English-speaking Learners

Low | 2016
Enter the Wonderland: A Critical Discourse Analysis of the Role of Orientalism in the Lan Su Chinese Gardens

Park | 2011
Microvariation in Ergative Alignment of Lhasa Tibetan and Amdo Tibetan

Serebrin | 2004
Analysis of the focused object construction in Mandarin

Keeler | 2000
"Written in the spoken tongue": reforming diglossia in China, 1840 - 1940

Stafford | 1998
Nominal number marking in Mandarin Chinese and English: a test of linguistic relativity

Wallace | 1996
Coverbs and grammaticalization of categories in Mandarin Chinese

Political Science

Ren | 2022
Decisions of Translations: An Experimental Study on Patterns and Effects of Translation Decisions Made in International Relations

Sita | 2015
Hindustani Ya Asian Hai?: Exploring the Differences in Political Behavior and Identity between South Asian Americans and East Asian Americans

Rodriguez | 2012
21st Century Gold Rush: Strategic Minerals, Rare Earths and China

Hassan | 2011
Setting the Stage for Successful Foreign Direct Investment: The Case of China and Brazil

Umayam | 2010
The Erratic Salesman: Chinese Grand Strategy and Implications on Modern Conventional Arms Sales

Leung | 2008
A Case Study of U.S. Economic Sanctions Against China in 1989


Li | 2022
Unconscious Effect of Chinese Classifier during Object Categorization


McLaughlin | 2016
Pointing at the Moon: Categorizing and Creating American Buddhism

LaSala | 2011
Zhuangzi and His Humor

Walker | 2010
Through a Venetian's Eyes: Marco Polo and 13th Century Tengriism

Chapman | 2007
The adoption of Buddhist terminology, imagery, and concepts in the Chinese Manichaean "Hymnscroll"

Finger | 2007
The sacralizing stage: late imperial Chinese ritual opera, performative exorcisms, and "Mulian rescues his mother, an opera for goodness"

Cooper (Stephenson) | 2006
Facing Indra's net: a text-based analysis of the case for an innate Buddhist environmentalism

Kniffin | 2006
Falun Gong and Li Hongzhi's mechanized redemption in the Information Age

Peterson | 2006
The immortal discourse: tracing Ge Hong's tradition of transcendence

Marr | 2005
Immanent objects: a study of Buddhist relics, icons, and sutras through the lens of Ennin's diary

Moll | 2005
The Daodejing and expression of interpretation through translation

Schroeder | 2005
Gary Synder's imagined window on paleolithic Buddhism

Madenski | 2004
Avelokitesvara in a raincoat: Heart Sutra interpretation and ritual practice in Portland, OR

Beebe | 2003
For "you," from "me": on constructed audiences and identities of two Taiwan Buddhist organizations

K. Nelson | 2001
American Buddhist ritual: a case study in ritualization, ritual change, and ritual interpretation at a Portland, Oregon temple

Gustafson | 2000
Correspondences with the uncanny: the Shan Hai Jing and sacred knowledge in early imperial China

J. Nelson | 2000
Aberant trance states in Buddhist meditation: a cognitive view of mysticism

Eberhart | 2000
Tradition imprisoned: can Buddhism support the rehabilitative function?

Hagen | 1999
The Kalachakra Tantra in the age of strife: modern Tibetan identity and the globalization of ritual

Latka | 1999
Naming and the return to unity: name magic in the Mao Shan tradition of Great Purity

Newburger | 1999
God's descending in clouds (UFOs): explication of a modern Taiwan sectarian movement

Cooper | 1998
The forgotten Buddhists: Chinese women resisting acculturation in California, 1853 - 1973

Nicholson | 1998
A vision of the great eastern sun; "Expedient means" and living eschatology in Chogyam Trungpa's "Shambhala training"

Newton | 1998
"The Way of Yao and Shun": Chu Hsi's Intellectual Genealogy (Tao-t'ung) as Myth


Luo | 2022
The Myth of Choice: How Women Nurses in the U.S. and China Choose between Work and Family during the COVID-19 Pandemic

McLaughlin | 2016
Raising Up an Idol: Subjectivity and Collectivity in the Fandom of Chinese Idols: TFBOYS and TF Family