Chinese Studies

Online Lectures, Workshops, and Conferences 

Due to COVID-19, there are quite a few lectures, workshops, and conferences that have gone online this year. Many of these are open to the public, and as such present a rich opportunity to hear great scholars talk about their work. For additional events to the ones listed below, check the International China Studies Virtual Events Clearing-House maintained by the Fairbank Center for Chinese Studies at Harvard University.

Online Lectures/Webinars

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Archived Online 

Dunhuang Foundation webinar series "A Virtual Tour of Beijing, Dunhuang, and Chang'an (Xi'an)"

Modern Chinese Literature and Culture Modern Chinese Literature Video Lecture Series

Teachers and students of modern Chinese literature! Short video lectures on various topics in modern Chinese literature in the "MCLC Modern Chinese Literature Video Lecture Series" are now available for free. These are 15-minute short courses, incliuding David Wang on late Qing fiction,  Carlos Rojas on Yan Lianke and  Dung Kai-cheung , Nick Admussen on Obscure Poetry,  Frederik Green on Xu Zhimo and Wen Yiduo,  Michael Gibbs Hill on translation and literature in the early 20thC,  Charles Laughlin on "The All-China Resistence Association of Writers and Artists",  Howard Y. F. Choy on Han Shaogong,  Michael Berry on Taiwan's post-martial law fiction, Shelley W. Chan on Mo Yan, Rossella Ferrari on contemporary avant-garde theatre, Mary Mazzilli on Gao Xingjian, Pei-yin Lin on Bai Xianyong and Chen Yingzhen, Andrea Riemenschnitter on Ge Fei,  Maghiel van Crevel on contemporary PRC poetry,  Jennifer Feeley on Xi Xi, and much more. Register to see nearly 50 videos here: