Room & Roommate Choices for Returning Students


Room assignments are determined by your selections in the Housing Portal and availability of rooms on campus. Returning students are typically assigned to a room in buildings within our sophomore and upper-division neighborhoods. Many students will be assigned to a double room, so we encourage students to consider their roommate options ahead of the application process. Single rooms are also available, with priority typically given to returning students who have a disability related housing-accommodation for a single room.

Before you select housing preferences in the portal, please visit our residence halls page for more details on buildings so you’ll know which ones you’re eligible to live in based on your class year. Additionally, please visit our page on the language house application process.

All of Reed's residence halls are gender inclusive. Residents of each community determine how to utilize common spaces (including bathrooms) at the beginning of each year.


If you would like to request a specific roommate, complete the "roommate preference" section of the application in the Housing Portal. You and your proposed roommate must mutually confirm each other in order to be assigned as roommates. You can also search for compatible roommates based on answers to the lifestyle questions.

Please note that sophomores may only request other sophomores as roommates as they will be assigned housing in sophomore-designated buildings. Juniors and seniors may request other juniors and seniors as roommates.

Depending on the number of students who self-select roommates and the number of double rooms available, Res Life may not be able to honor all roommate requests or may need to assign roommates to students who have not specifically requested them.

Living with Friend Groups

Residence Life is pleased to announce that we are now offering Friend Group housing, where you and up to 8 friends have the opportunity to room near each other within the same community. Sophomores can live with other sophomores; juniors and seniors can live with other juniors and/or seniors.

  • Discuss/confirm the Friend Group and select a “Group Manager”
    • Sophomores must live with sophomores
    • Juniors and Seniors can live together
  • Every group member fills out a housing application in the portal between February 27–March 21, 2023
    • Members should set the same building preferences
    • Each Member can choose single or double room
  • The Group Manager has the job of adding and ordering the Friend Group within the portal
  • Group members will receive a notification to go in and accept the Friend Group request.
  • Sign the housing contract by May 1, 2023
    • Res Life will attempt to accommodate all room/housing preferences but cannot guarantee it.
    • Any DAR accommodations will be met for members within Friend Groups.

Portal Order Example

Student Building Preference Roommate Preference Res Life Housing Assignment
Riley Bragdon, Sitka, Foster Double Roommate: Helix
Helix Bragdon, Sitka, Foster Double Roommate: Riley
Preston Bragdon, Sitka, Foster Single No Roommate
Tayler Bragdon, Sitka, Foster Double Roommate: Emilia
Emilia Bragdon, Sitka, Foster Double Roommate: Tayler

Our goal is to accommodate as many groups as we can, however that is not always possible due to space limitations, accommodations and room preferences. To prevent issues the portal will ask each member if friend group housing or room preference (location, single/double) is more important. This means if having a single is a higher priority to you than the friend group, we’d attempt to find a single within the friend group community, but ultimately would prioritize a single within your class year halls, and not the friend group.

More info on how to apply will be outlined in the housing application once that becomes available on the portal. We hope that you will consider organizing a friend group and staying with us on campus.