Returning Student Housing

Returning student housing focuses on supporting existing community and providing resources for academic, social, and personal development. Depending on housing demand and enrollment, some buildings may contain sophomores, juniors, and seniors.

Returning Student Housing 2024–25

To expedite the process to secure housing for students, Residence Life will make returning student housing assignments.

Returning Student Housing Timeline

February 23 Housing portal opens for returning students
March 4 Language House applications close
March 20 Deadline to request accommodations from DAR
March 20 Housing portal closes for returning students
April 16 Returning students receive housing assignment
May 1 Deadline to sign housing contract
Deadline to cancel 2023-24 housing contract
May 18 Waitlist opens @ 9 am for those who did not complete application or who did not receive an assignment

Returning Student Housing Process

To prepare for returning student housing sign-up, review the information on this page and contact Residence Life if you have questions.

Note: If you need a disability related housing accommodation, please connect with Disability and Accessibility Resources as soon as possible!

Sign Up for Housing

Students who want housing for the 2024-25 academic year must sign up for housing via the Housing Portal between February 23 - March 20. Your application for housing will include room preferences as well as roommate choices. To learn more about your options, visit these pages:

Room & Roommate ChoicesWhere can I live on campus?Language Houses

Receive Assignment

On April 16, returning students will receive their 2024-25 housing assignment via email.

On-campus housing assignments will be made by Res Life staff (not self-selected by students). They will be based on students’ class year, accommodation status, and their preferences listed in their Room Registration application. Housing assignments are based upon expected available inventory. If a student does not receive a housing assignment, they will receive information about placing themselves on the waitlist and the timeline for receiving a potential assignment.

Assignments & Waitlist Information

Accept Housing

Students must log back into the Housing Portal by May 1 to confirm their assignment. Students will be asked to do the following to confirm their assignment:

  • Select a meal plan
  • Sign a housing contract

If an upper-divison student does not sign their contract by May 1 they will be removed from academic year housing and will receive an email confirming their cancelled assignment.

Cancelling Housing

The deadline to cancel housing contracts is May 1. If a student wishes to cancel their housing contract after May 1, they must submit a petition for approval.