Residence Life

From the formation of lifelong friendships to the discovery of your cooking skills, a lot happens in a Reed house. Our on-campus residential community provides a safe and welcoming environment to support students in their academic pursuits, personal growth, and participation in an interdependent community.

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Reed’s residence halls are designed to bring people together. Ample common spaces allow for group studying and spontaneous conversation; all floors, except the women's floor, are coed; and housing is not separated by class year. Student life in residence halls is guided by the Honor Principle, which promotes self-governance and encourages students to be respectful of one another and of all community members. With dorm leadership positions available every year, Reed’s housing program cultivates the skills students need to promote conversation, resolve conflict, build community, and spark friendship.

Currently, there is on-campus living space for 950 of Reed’s 1,400 students. First-year students are encouraged to live on campus for the first two semesters at Reed; after the first year, students who wish to live on campus participate in a lottery, held during spring term, to determine choice of rooms.

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Theme Communities

Hear the Justice League’s call to action. Join the Co-Op, hypothesize with the Mad Science dorm, or get outside with the Outhaüs. Theme communities are student-initiated residential options providing places to connect with other students with similar interests.

Language Houses

Reed's language houses represent the five modern languages taught at Reed: French, German, Russian, Spanish, and Chinese. Reed also offers an Arabic language community as a theme dorm. Each house is staffed with a native speaker and a student house advisor—they work together with their respective language department to cultivate the residence as a center for language and culture for the entire campus.