The Reed Thesis

During your final year, you will plunge headlong into an intellectual adventure—the senior thesis. Undertaken with support from a faculty adviser, the senior thesis is your opportunity to explore a problem or answer a question that holds particular significance for you.

Reed College thesis stacks

Perhaps the most flexible and exciting aspect of the Reed curriculum, Reed theses represent a range of topics, frameworks, and methodologies. Students work in close consultation with their thesis adviser to meet deadlines throughout the academic year that ensure steady progress. Your thesis, which becomes a permanent resource in the Reed library, may be the most challenging thing you have ever done—certainly it will be the most rewarding. You will never forget the experience, nor lose the confidence it builds.

Recent Thesis Titles

Daniel Sithylemenkat Dashevsky "Virus-like Particles in the Venom of Parasitoid Wasps"
Adriana Jemison "Toward a Novel Chiral Organobismuth Catalyst for Asymmetric Organic Transformations"
Rachel Lee Pincus "Photoacoustic Spectroscopy: A Method for Investigating Weak Molecular Absorption"
Benjamin H.Q. Stephens "The Social and Economic Reforms of Diocletian"
Jonathan Joon Hyung Chai "International Spillovers of United States Quantitative Easing Policy: An Examination of Emerging Economy Equity Markets"
David Alexander Beame "Apology of Genius: The Poetry and Poetics of Mina Loy"
Alberta Read Bleck "By Right of Discovery": An American Indian Land Rights Struggle in 20th Century Seattle"
Max LeMoyne Carpenter "Quasicrystalline Combs in De Bruijn's Generalized Function Space"
Jordan James Horowitz "The Critical Use of Intuition: A Reply to the Skeptical Challenge of Experimental Philosophy"
Political Science
Kasra Che Shokat "Preserving the Contradictions: Rereading Hannah Arendt's 'Truth and Politics'"
Imani Elizabeth Jackson "Towards a New Heaven: Reading Black Catholicism in the Work of Sister Thea Bowman"
Madeline Marie Kinkel "Suspended and Without Salvation: Apocalypse and the Empty Christ in Andrei Platonov's The Foundation Pit"
Jennifer Ann Lindell "Lend Me Your Ears: Audiological Effects on Audience Experience"