Anthropology Department

Robert Brightman (Emeritus)

Ruth C. Greenberg Professor of Native American Studies



Ph.D. 1983 University of Chicago
M.A.  1976 University of Chicago
B.A.  1973  Reed College

Research interests

Native North America [esp. Subarctic, California, Southeast]
Hunter-Gatherer Societies
Cultural Theory
Linguistic Typology and Functional Syntax
Structuralism and Semiotics
Ontologies and Subjectivities
Vernacular/Indigenous Ethnologies
Environmental Anthropology(ies)
Transgression and Deviance
Anthropology and Literature
History of Anthropology

In Progress: Books, Reports, Articles

Aboriginal Membership Practices of the Opaskwayak Cree Nation and Their Historical Continuation. Prepared for the case Opaskwayak Cree Nation,  Dakota McGillivary, Diane Lehmann, et al.  v. Her Majesty the Queen, Federal Court File No. T-1975-93. [report]

Fear and Loathing in Hunter-Gatherer Arcadia: Primordialism, Primitivism, and Ur-Savagery.  Chicago: Prickly Paradigm Press. [book]

Cotexts, Contexts, and Cultures of Algonquian Noun Gender.  Language and Communication. [article]

Visual Media

2012.  Heart of Ice: The Legend, Condition, and Prophecy of Windigo.  Christian Tizya, director. Watson Street Pictures. [interview]

Recent Conferences

2013 “In the old days, you can go live anywhere”: Cree and Canadian Indian Affairs Rules of Band Membership.  10th Conference on Hunting and Gathering Societies. Liverpool, 23-28 June 2013

2012. Discussant: Panel on “Crossings from Present to Past: History of Anthropology in Anthropological Practice.” 111th Annual American Anthropological Association Meetings, San Francisco, CA, November 16-20.
2011. Context and Cotext in Plains Cree Gender Shifts.  43rd Annual Algonquian Conference. Ann Arbor, MI Oct. 20-23.

2010. “Irony and Ontology in Luiseno Cosmogony.” Society for Cultural Anthropology Spring Conference Program on “Natureculture”  Santa Fe, New Mexico, May 7-9.
2008. Discussant for Organized Session “Hunting Windigo: The Cannibal Spirit in Folklore, History and Film.  13th Rupert’s Land Colloquium, Rocky Mountain House, Alberta, May 14-16.

2004.Beneath the Valley of 4th World Monism. Invited plenary session paper for Conference on The Nature of Spirits: Human and Non-Human Beings in Amerindian Cosmologies.  Laval University, Québec City, Québec, April.

Selected Articles

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Labor. Comparative Studies in Society and History  38(4): 687-729

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