Reed by the Numbers

What do a buried sports car, the Talking Heads, and zines have to do with Reed? Click on the icons below to find out more about some of the unique elements that shape the Reed experience.

Earn Work-Study while strengthening a Portland nonprofit or community organization through Students for Education, Equity, and Direct Service (SEEDS). Learn more
In 2019, Reedies wrote 70 interdisciplinary theses in both established programs like environmental science/economics and in ad-hoc programs like art/anthropology. Learn more
At Reed, you’ll have the opportunity to sample courses in a wide range of subjects—from Vector Calculus to Androids in Science and Literature. Learn more
Reed’s 28-acre watershed supports a broad array of animal and plant life—and it has plenty of quiet spots for reading and thinking. Learn more
Reedies regularly land top honors, grants, and fellowships, including the Watson, Rhodes, Fulbright, and Goldwater. Learn more
Have you heard the one about the MG buried under the Reed library? Learn more
Reed provides an atmosphere of genuine intellectual collaboration with teacher-scholars who will help you develop and pursue your own interests. Learn more
In your Humanities 110 conference, you'll meet with your professor one-on-one to discuss and evaluate your papers. Learn more
Reed’s two student-run coffee shops, the Paradox and Paradox Lost, sure sell a lot of coffee each year—and none of it is decaf. Learn more
Reedies organize social, political, and activity-centered clubs like Weapons of Mass Distraction, Bike Co-op, and Terrarium Club. Learn more
Whether they're playing in the annual year-end softball tournament, taking one of over 60 PE classes, or joining a club sports team, Reedies find lots of ways to keep moving. Learn more
“And you’re standing here beside me. I love the passing of time,” sings David Byrne in Stop Making Sense, a concert film that has become a touchstone for Reedies. Learn more
No matter what your major, you can train to become an operator of the Reed College Research Reactor. Learn more
Reed students inspire local grade-schoolers through the science outreach program. Learn more
Some of Portland’s coolest neighborhoods, including Sellwood, Woodstock, Division, and Hawthorne, are found near Reed. Learn more
You can enjoy the contemporary iteration of Reed’s calligraphy tradition, Scriptorium, with students, alumni, faculty, and staff each week. Learn more
Reed’s small student body of 1,439 undergraduates represents 49 states and 25 countries. Learn more
Reed’s 116-acre campus features not one but two swing sets. Learn more
Reed’s comic book library, the MLLL, features over 9,000 volumes. We dare you to try to read them all! Learn more
Each Reed senior is assigned a dedicated library space for thesis research. Learn more
Tucked away among over half a million print volumes in Reed's library is a dedicated zine section, which covers subjects like Portland, social justice, and body positivity. Learn more
Reed's office of academic support, which offers workshops on specific skills and strategies, also employs 200 peer tutors who provide one-on-one and drop-in tutoring. Learn more

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