Types of Aid

Reed’s financial aid program includes federal, state, and institutional funding sources. Financial aid may be in the form of grants, loans, and student employment opportunities. 


The largest source of aid comes directly from the College in the form of the Reed Grant. Federal and state grants are also available for students who qualify.

Learn more about grants here.


Financial aid packages at Reed contain a student loan. Loans are funds that must be repaid. 

Learn more about loans here.

Student Work

On-campus student work opportunities are available to Reed students.

Learn more about student work here.

Outside Scholarships

Students are encouraged to apply for outside scholarships, with the understanding that their aid package will be adjusted to remain within their family's calculated need.

Learn more about outside scholarships here.

Veterans Education Benefits

Reed College participates in the Yellow Ribbon Program.

Learn more about Veterans Education Benefits here.

Emergency Assistance

Current students seeking emergency or additional assistance can learn more about these resources here.